This is the question that concerns numerous people, since more and more people seem to be affected by hair thinning and hair loss. Men and women from all over the world experience this problem at least once in their lives. Stress, aging, hormones and genetics are often the cause of hair thinning, but diseases, medications and lifestyle choices can also be the cause of the problem.
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Despite the fact that men are more likely to lose their hair than women, especially due to male pattern baldness, hair loss and thinning hair are also quite common in women. Women are affected by female pattern baldness, this condition manifesting as noticeable thinning of hair on the top and crown of the scalp.
Male/female pattern baldness is caused by changes in the levels of hormones, which affect follicles. In fact, 95% of all cases of hair loss appear due to heredity. The genetically transmitted sensitivity of follicles to the hormone called Dihydrotestosterone causes follicles miniaturization, which is a progressive damage of follicles. Hair strands will grow thinner, finer, shorter and fewer in number, until some diminished follicles will be so damaged that hairs will no longer grow.
Due to various reasons, such as a great shock, stressful situations, pregnancy, menopause and aging, hormonal imbalances occur. When the levels of stress hormones are high, the production of Dihydrotestosterone increases. This chemical attaches to the hair follicles and they will no longer get the nutrients necessary for normal development and growth. Women experience a noticeable thinning of hair on top of their scalp, but men are affected by a receding hairline, their temples and even the top of their head can remain completely bald.
Hair thinning often affects the self-esteem of people who lose their hair, but they must be aware that follicles are not permanently damaged. Follicles remain alive, which means that with proper care and treatment hair will grow back again.
Apart from heredity, hormones and stress, hair thinning can also occur due to:
Physical stress – physical traumas, severe illnesses and even fever can lead to temporary hair loss. The growing cycle of hairs is interrupted and more hairs fall down in the same time, causing hair thinning. But hair usually grows back again in only a few months after the occurrence of the physical stress, because body recovers and the problem gets solved.
Dieting and poor nutrition – Excess of vitamin A, protein deficiency, sudden weight loss, iron deficiency and low calorie intake can be the cause of hair thinning in both women and men. As soon as the cause is removed or the problem is fixed, hair will grow back again, often without even requiring treatment.
Certain diseases – About 30 diseases can have hair thinning and hair loss as symptom. Anemia, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, infections, diabetes, lupus, autoimmune disease and many other illnesses can cause hair thinning and hair loss. It is important to seek the advice of a doctor, to find what causes hair thinning, to treat the problem and hair will regrow so people will recover the healthy appearance of their scalp together with their self-esteem.
Certain prescription medicines – Birth control pills, blood thinners, high-dose vitamin A, steroids and medicines that treat depression, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart problems and gout can cause hair thinning and loss of hair in women and men. If people affected by hair loss get these medicines, they should consult their doctor and change their prescription, if possible. This could be the solution to their hair thinning.
But even some hair care practices and unhealthy habits such as smoking, alcohol and drugs can trigger hair thinning. Frequent bleaching, permanents, improper use of hair sprays, using too often flat irons and blow dryers and pulling hair too tightly can also make the hair fall down, resulting in thinning hair.
Numerous manufacturers strive to support people affected by hair thinning by providing numerous supplements, solutions, pills, shampoos, treatments, conditioners, oils, gels and other various methods to repair their follicles and regain their beautiful and healthy hair.
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