At certain point in everyone’s life, hair loss is noticeable. It can be something temporary and without obvious results, or it can end up in complete bald patches all over the scalp. Regardless of what causes the hair fall, it can lower the self-esteem of patients and they may become anxious and depress, reason why it is important to find what causes the hair to fall and take proper treatment.

What is the most common cause of hair fall?

provillus whyFactors like stress, aging, medicines and health conditions can affect your hair, but in more than 90% of all cases, the main culprit is the combination between genes and the hormone called Dihydrotestosterone. This hormone attaches to hair follicles, preventing them from getting the nutrients required and developing normally, thus follicles shrink until hairs fall and the follicles affected remain dormant, without growing new hairs. But the scientists have discovered that by blocking the production of Dihydrotestosterone, hair thinning will be stopped and hair loss will be prevented. Hence they included powerful ingredients in the formula of Provillus, making it the best ranked supplement that fights against hair loss.

Having two different formulas, for the requirements of women and of men, Provillus treatment contains a dietary supplement, anti-hair loss shampoo and activator gel that work together to deliver the results expected. The ingredients included in the formulation of this treatment are natural and they nourish the scalp, fortify follicles, block the production of Dihydrotestosterone, stop the hair thinning and stimulate the hair growth in a healthy and natural way.

Many people decide to cut their hair, shave their head, wear wigs or cover the head, but they should start using Provillus to regrow hair and enjoy recovering a scalp full of hairs in a natural and safe way. Other people seek the advice of their doctor and start taking prescribed medications that can cause them negative side effects, but Provillus is completely safe to use and administer. Instead of wearing wigs or taking dangerous pills, you should consider taking Provillus to stop the hair fall and improve your overall health as well.

The dietary supplement and anti-hair loss shampoo are made of natural ingredients extracted from herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and other nutrients required to stop the hair thinning, prevent hair fall, nourish scalp, repair follicles, improve hair flexibility and stimulate regrowth of healthy hair naturally. Provillus activator gel has in its formula Minoxidil, a powerful compound that stops the hair fall and stimulates regrowth of new hairs. The treatment balances the hormone levels and addresses to the root cause of hair loss hence it stops and prevents hair fall in a natural and healthy way. But hair will be healthier, shinier, more flexible and sexier once the treatment is taken for several months in a row.

If you want to stop what causes your hair to fall and have more voluminous and shinier hair that also grows faster, follow the treatment with Provillus. Take it as instructed and you will get amazing results even from the first weeks of treatment.

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