Medical research shows that balding is a natural process for all human beings, regardless of sex and age. It is normal for us to lose our manes as we grow old. So, why do we freak out every time the brushes get stuck with large clumps of hair? As soon as we see those long threads clogging the shower drain, we remember all the statistics on hair loss that appear in clinical studies:

  • Hair loss affects 50% of all women
  • Over 40% of men have bald spots by the time they reach 40
  • Alopecia areata affects 1 in every 100 individuals
  • The number of bald people in the world increases by 5% every year

Hair loss myths and remedies

It is entirely reasonable to fear to lose your crowning glory. Some people would be willing to give up on their lifestyle, wealth and social status only to keep their mane together. However, before you start tearing your hair out (literally), you should know that not all the statistics on baldness out there are accurate. Some of them are made up facts, myths and urban legends that will only increase your anxiety. Here are some of them:

Hair loss is permanent

Your body is biologically programmed to replenish old strands with new threads periodically. Therefore, occasional shedding is natural and even welcome for the well-being of your follicles. Unfortunately, many people take this process as a sign of going bald, so they approach expensive hair growth treatments of painful surgeries to prevent complete and permanent baldness.

The good news, according to Provillus reviews is that hair regrowth is possible and even quick if you use Provillus – a natural remedy for balding that boosts follicle regeneration and rapid thread development. A long-term with this over-the-counter supplement restores your mane to its natural density and brightness.

Birth control pills make you go bald

This myth has been around for ages, and even if doctors and dermatologists have so far disproved it, some women still believe that taking birth control pills will make their hair fall out. It all started many decades ago when most of the oral contraceptive tablets were filled with progesterone – a hormone that caused your threads to grow slower and thinner. However, modern versions of birth control pills have a more balanced composition and are safer for women who want to avoid pregnancy and maintain their shiny curls at the same time.

Only old people lose their crowning glory

We associate baldness with old people, and more specifically aged men. As a result, we tend to believe that hair loss will only affect us once we retire and the best years are behind us. In fact, hair loss can happen at any age, regardless of gender.

Through medical conditions like alopecia areata, male pattern baldness and even fungal infections, the follicles on your scalp may cease the production of new strands. You may go bald at 20 as easy as you would lose your hair at 60. In both cases, your best choice is to use a natural hair regrowth treatment like Provillus, which will revive your follicles and help you regain your shiny mane quickly and without any adverse side effects.

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