Hair loss after pregnancy

Postpartum hair loss occurs in women who gave birth recently. Although the miracle al giving birth brings numerous satisfactions, it also comes with a shedding of hairs from temples or other parts of the scalp. In most of the cases, hair starts growing back within one or two month, without having to follow a particular treatment. However, many new mothers can deal with hair loss for several years and they will never regain the gorgeous appearance of a scalp full of hairs.

Hormones and pregnancy

Studies show that about 90% of all hairs grow at one time and the other 10% enter in resting phase. After this stage, hairs will fall to leave other hairs grow from the follicles. Yet in telogen effluvium, this condition that appears several months after pregnancy, a greater number of hairs will enter in resting phase and shed suddenly.

It is because of the hormones produced during pregnancy. Estrogen levels are increased, causing the prolongation of the growing stage. Less hair will fall during pregnancy and future moms observe that their hair is more appealing, with more luxurious tresses. But once they give birth, estrogen levels fall back to normal and women will experience a sudden hair loss. In addition to this, they might experience some nutrient deficiency, because they breastfeed and it will have negative consequences on hair follicles.

During pregnancy, hairs did not fall as usually. But after birth things go back to normal and hairs will shed. Postpartum hair loss occurs after 3 or even 6 months after giving birth, so many patients believe that breastfeeding plays a major role in this type of hair loss. However, studies proved that hormones are the major culprit of telogen effluvium.

Things to do in case of postpartum hair loss

About 3-4 months after pregnancy 60% of your hair that is in the growing phase will enter in the telogen stage – it will stop growing and eventually fall. It is because hair rejuvenates and follicles will start producing new strands. However, not all women will recover the look of a scalp full of thick hairs. Some of them will struggle to regain their hairs without success. To promote the regrowth of hairs they should be taking some vitamins and minerals supplements together with Provillus, this dietary product that will stimulate blood flow to the capillaries and fortify follicles.

Because it is produced with natural ingredients extracted from herbs, Provillus can be taken even by women who breastfeed. However, you should consult your doctor before actually taking them. Everything you consume or ingest will pass through your blood and the milk you give to your baby, so you should get advice from your health care provider before taking any pills, not just Provillus.

You can also use homemade remedies if you experienced postpartum hair loss and you wish to grow back a scalp full of healthy strands. Apply honey, capsicum, olive oil, castor oil, onion juice, aloe vera, rosemary essential oil and jojoba oil if you want to nourish follicles and encourage the natural growth of beautiful locks. Take care of your scalp and you will certainly get over hair loss after pregnancy!