Stop Hair Loss

Many people are interested in having a healthier hair because our hair frames your face and gives life, yet many people suffer from hair loss, either due to health problems or being subjected to chemical processes. No doubt whatever our situation, we would have a beautiful hair, sometimes we spend too much money on commercial products to take care of our hair, but I tell you from experience that there is nothing better than natural remedies are more economical and results are visible in much less time.

A special recipe to stop hair loss and also make it grow faster is:


  • Large Romero Bunch
  • 6 bones avocado
  • 2 liters of water
  • empty shampoo bottle or other suitable container


It Boil rosemary, avocado and bones in 2 quarts of water until half the water has evaporated, it only remains a liter of water, strain the water, and placed in an empty bottle to half, and after depositing the other half of shampoo, whip the mixture.

Used as a shampoo for daily use is important to use conditioner as rosemary shampoo leaves your hair very dry and rough, but believe me they will work and gain an enviable hair.

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