Many people consider that having a head full of hair, with voluminous and shiny hair strands is a blessing. The way how our hair looks reflects our overall health and, since the image is often more important than health, we put efforts in looking a beautiful as possible.
Hair plays a major role when it comes to our image and self-regard, reason why we use various hair care products and treatments that not only restore the health of our hair, but which also stimulate hair growth and fortify follicles and hair strands.
Provillus Hair Growth Treatment contains in its powerful formula effective ingredients that nourish the scalp, rebuild follicles, stimulate the regrowth of hair, stop and prevent the occurrence of hair loss and encourage the health of scalp.
As we age, our dietary needs change, our bodies require greater amounts of certain nutrients and many of our bodily processes slow down. Hair turns grey and grows slower, while many men and women experience hair loss due to aging. But even younger women and men can be affected by hair loss due to certain factors, such as diseases, hormones, stress, genes and medications.
Numerous vitamins, minerals and nutrients are essential for beautiful and healthy hair. It would be the best if these essentials would be taken from a balanced and healthy nutrition, but, due to our unhealthy lifestyles, scientists recommend us to supplement with pills in order to ensure the dietary needs.
B Vitamins, especially B7 (Biotin), B9 (Folic Acid), B6 (Pyridoxine) and B5 (Pantothenic Acid) are the best essentials that encourage the health of hair. These nutrients accelerate hair growth, reduce the signs of aging, stimulate hair growth, regulate the hormone levels, nourish the hair follicles and promote the health of scalp. These vitamins are not beneficial just for hair and hair growth, but they also help us maintain our health: Folic Acid reduces the risk of developing colon cancer, prevents birth defects, treats anemia and liver disease, Biotin supports the health of digestive tract, nerves, metabolism and cells, Pyridoxine normalize the hormone levels, alleviates the symptoms of PMS and lowers the levels of bad cholesterol in blood, while Pantothenic Acid reduces hair loss, anxiety, stress, allergies and heart problems and stimulates immunity and stimulate physical growth.
Vitamin E maintains the skin and heart healthy, but it is a nutrient essential for the health of hair. Proper levels of Vitamin E stimulate the health of the capillaries, slow down the aging process and encourage the growth of strong and healthy hair strands. If you want to obtain shinier, more lustrous and fortified hair, use supplements with Vitamin E or apply the capsules directly on your hair and you will get healthier, brighter and stronger hair after only a few uses.
Vitamin A contains great amounts of antioxidants that work to condition and moisturize the sebum, but it also stimulates a faster growth of hair. With proper amounts of Vitamin A, hair will break less often, so Vitamin A is essential for hair. The consumers should keep in mind that too high levels of Vitamin A will lead to hair loss, so a doctor should monitor the concentrations of Vitamin A when supplementing with this essential. Normally, a balanced and healthy nutrition plan ensures the proper quantities of Vitamin A required for healthy hair and for general wellbeing as well.
Vitamin C strengthens hair and accelerates growth of hair, reason why numerous hair care products contain it. It also reduces signs of aging and energize follicles, promoting and restoring the health of hair.
Magnesium helps rebuilding follicles and strengthens them as well. Hair growth can be affected by Magnesium deficiency, so there is no wonder why the manufacturers of hair care products and pills include it in the formula of their products. Magnesium helps reducing the levels of stress and stress is known for affecting how our hair looks. Hair can fall due to high levels of stress, but proper amounts of Magnesium will prevent the occurrence of hair loss.
Zinc is another essential for hair growth because it accelerates the renewal of cells. Zinc deficiency will result in hair loss, while hair will look dull and thin. Zinc help us regulate the hormone levels, support the follicles absorb the nutrients necessary and aid building healthy cells. Many products that prevent and treat hair loss contain Zinc, because it encourages regrowth of healthy and stronger hair.
Scientists have demonstrated that protein deficiency can lead to hair loss. Since hair strands consist in keratin, a protein, our bodies require appropriate amounts of protein in order to ensure the health of our hair. Protein fortifies hair and follicles and accelerates the growth of hair, reason why it is essential for healthy hair. Thinning hair may be a sign of protein deficiency, so include in your diet foods rich in protein and you will regain the health and beauty of your hair.
If you are looking for the best treatment for hair growth, Provillus is what you need. Provillus Hair Growth Treatment contains many vitamins, minerals and nutrients essential for beautiful, healthy and strong hair. Preventing and stopping hair loss, repairing damaged follicles and stimulating the regrowth of healthy hair, Provillus is one of the best ranked supplements for hair.
Provillus nourishes scalps and promotes the growth of strong, thick and voluminous hair. Being recommended by doctors and having in its formula ingredients essential for hair growth, Provillus will help the consumers fight against hair loss and benefit of optimal hair growth.

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