We’ve all been there: one visit to the hair salon and an uninspired hairdresser are enough to make you lose your long, shiny curls that you have grown and groomed for years. Her units of measurement are apparently from another Universe, and you are stuck with a bob haircut for the next foreseeable future.

Reverse bad haircut

It might seem that everything is lost. However, before you leave resentment settle in, you should know that there are a few ways to reverse a bad haircut. Here are some quick hair growth tips that will restore your natural mane safe, fast, and with minimum effort:

Boost your nutrient intake

One of the worst ways of trying to reduce the effects of a bad haircut is using hair extensions. These artificial strands give you an unnatural, cheap look that will only give you a temporary confidence boost, but they will do nothing to your mane in the long run.

Your best choice of growing back your beautiful, shiny curls is to understand the natural process of hair growth. The threads on your head increase in length with 0.5 inches every month. For rapid hair regrowth, you will need to double that number. The safest and easiest method is to increase the number of nutrients you have in your diet.

Quick hair growth needs a lot of vitamins and minerals. Without a potent supplement, you would need to eat considerable quantities of fresh produce every day. Fortunately, you can replace entire shopping carts of fruits and vegetables with two small pills of Provillus. This remedy for hair loss is rich in organic ingredients and herbal extracts that promote and sustain the natural development of your threads. Daily intake keeps the follicles active and allows you to regain your lush mane quickly and safely.

Do daily scalp massages

If you want to add to the Provillus hair growth effect, you can do so with regular scalp massages. Take a few minutes every day to caress the skin on your head through smooth, circular moves. You can even add a few drops of peppermint oil to this ritual, as clinical studies have shown that this substance is essential in fighting off hair loss and damages strands.

Regular massages increase circulation and allow your follicles to receive more nutrients in a short span of time. Make it a daily habit to knead your scalp and boost your chances of growing long, shiny threads again.

Take cold showers

The ill-advised haircut that you have just received has undoubtedly put you in a bad mood. Before your hot temper explodes, and your Provillus order is shipped, you might want to take a cold shower that will both relax you and bolster hair growth at the same time.

Your hair is more likely to maintain moisture after a cold shower. Hydration is an essential part of follicle activity, and thread production is dependent on it. Try washing your hair with lukewarm water and finish your showers by switching gradually to the coldest temperature. Just a couple of minutes are enough to maintain the cells on your scalp energetic and productive. This practice goes excellent with a daily intake of Provillus for anyone who wants to repair a bad haircut and obtain quick hair regrowth.

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