Provillus Zero Side Effects

Although there is an emphasis in the natural composition of Provillus, which is the reason why this product has no side effects, there has been given the case of people who have not used the product correctly or have not consulted a health professional to initiate the treatment , thus violating their health.

First you should consult a skin specialist or a dermatologist who according to analysis and his experience suggests the right medicine by means of considering your skin type and its characteristics.

The user’s skin type has great influence on the effectiveness of treatment. Some people say they use the product regularly for 6 months but no positive effect on your hair, in response to this comment scientists working to improve the formula of Provillus provide a breakdown of some people using the product and getting optimal results in three months.

The first person says that the product stops the process of hair loss and then grows new hair. The problem is the same as the genetic difference between clients and their effect on the individual ingredients from the genetic structure.

There may also be some side effects to misuse this product. As in some cases there are people who do not use it with medical advice and take two or three dozen extras, dozens think will help them recover more Provillus hair but can react to their expectations.

There is a special instructions in the manual placed within the package indicating that Provillus should be used for medical advice. The negative result may be in the form of dry skin and itching or sometimes result in dizziness and chest pain.

Before using Provillus you should read about the ingredients used in the manufacture of the product, because there are some elements that are not suitable for your health or that can cause allergies.

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