Growing and shedding are normal stages in hair growth cycle. The average human scalp has approximately 100,000–150,000 hairs and 10% of it is in the resting phase. After that threads will fall and they will be replaced by new strands. However, certain factors can interfere in this growth cycle and cause noticeable hair loss in men and women. Get your treatment from Provillus store and fight against alopecia with the best hair growth system!

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Common causes of balding – also known as alopecia – are hormones, stress, aging, excessive styling, prescribed medications, weight loss, nutrient deficiencies and autoimmune diseases. Despite of what affects the health of follicles and even though it is written in your DNA, you can stop the development of alopecia with the hair recovery system purchased from Provillus store.

Containing potent ingredients extracted from nature and which were purified using the latest technology, Provillus products are your best ally to defeat balding. The capsules and solution will work together to stop alopecia, nourish scalp and repair follicles so that new strands will start growing again. Whether you inherited this condition or you lost your beautiful hair due to prescribed drugs, this 100% natural hair growth system will assist you to regain your self-esteem together with the health of your scalp.

It is not a solution you will find in traditional stores. Provillus cannot be purchased from Amazon or Walmart. Despite all these, by getting it from the official website you will be certain that you will avoid copy cats. Furthermore, this kit comes with a 90-days money back guarantee so, if you are not happy with the results accomplished, all you have to do is request a refund.

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Search online for hair loss solutions and it will return millions of results. Creams, solutions, pills, capsules, implants, surgery and even tattooing are some of the methods you could opt for if you wish to encourage hair regrowth on your scalp. But if you aim to eliminate this unpleasant symptom with a product that is 100% safe for your health, you ought to purchase your treatment from the official Provillus representative.

This natural treatment is manufactured with the right amounts of nutrients to revive follicles, intensify blood circulation to the scalp and nourish roots. As a consequence, strands will grow faster and healthier, assisting the consumers to recover their self-esteem. The psychological effects of balding should not be neglected, as this issue often triggers episodes of anxiety and depression.

Order your supply from the official store and your product will be delivered as soon as possible. Take two capsules per day and use the topical solution as instructed. The first signs of regrowth will occur within a few months: the bald spots will be covered by new strands and your scalp will appear considerably thicker. 90% of consumer reviews were satisfied with their purchase as they succeeded to remove their symptoms in less than 6 months of administration. Buy Provillus from your favorite store and regain the appearance of a scalp full of healthy hairs!

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