Balding affects more than the appearance of the scalp. It damages the self-esteem and triggers anxiety among those who will lose their head hair. Although numerous treatments and products claim to bring you back the crown of splendor, these ointments and pills could harm your health and lead to many unwanted effects. But if you purchase Provillus from the official website, you will recover the beauty and health of your hair.

Everything you need to know about Provillus

How to use provillusAn experienced team of scientists and doctors have developed this formula using the latest technology and considering the ancient wisdom. Thus, the most potent medicinal herbs were carefully selected and combined, then processed with the most recent technology. They obtained Provillus capsules and topical solution, a complete system that will fight against hair loss from inside out.

If the dietary pills strengthen and nourish the entire system, encouraging the growth of new strands, the solution will work locally, to stop the primary cause of alopecia, and repair the damaged follicles. The vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts from the capsules will accelerate the hair growth rate, while the Minoxidil included in the solution’s formula will widen follicles, and stimulate it to produce a thicker strand.

How to use the pills and solution

You should use Provillus even from the first signs of balding. Although it is normal to shed about 100 strands per day, when this number is exceeded, you ought to take action. Take 2 capsules per day during meals, with some water, and apply the solution on your scalp regularly. But remember that hair grows at a rate of 0.5 inches per month, so it will take a while until you enjoy the first effects.

Based on over 90% of Provillus consumer reviews, you will need to take these dietary pills for 2 months until fine strands will be noticeable on your scalp. But after approximately 5-6 months of treatment, your hair will grow thicker, stronger, and shinier. The hair loss will stop, and you will succeed to prevent the further shedding.

A complete guide to regrow hair

Follow a healthy lifestyle to improve your overall health, and eliminate naturally the causes of alopecia. Keep stress under control and eat your way to healthy hair. Foods rich in proteins, carbohydrates, and omega-3 fats will work wonders. Your strands will grow stronger, healthier, and more beautiful if you also use Provillus while adopting adequate eating habits.

This dietary supplement will not disappoint you. Its natural and safe ingredients will get to the root of the problem and minimize loss of hairs. Furthermore, it will nourish scalp, repair follicles, and stimulate the production of new strands. If you are not satisfied with the results accomplished, you will get a full refund, considering you benefit of a 90-day money back guarantee.

Get your free trial from Provillus store and this treatment will be delivered with a complete guide to stopping balding, and regrowing hair. Use this powerful remedy accordingly to instructions, and convince yourself that Provillus is the only treatment you need!

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