How to stop hair loss

One fear more accentuated in the population, from ancient times is the loss of hair. Currently when an individual begins to perceive the fall of her hair is somehow also affected their self-esteem, because hair is part of his image, and these days as never before-image is one of the “social values” more important.

There are several natural treatments for hair loss because the hair loss process is related to its cause, is also related to patient age and time of alopecia.

The scalp massage is the most effective hair growth and loss prevention. It’s something you can do without help or spending money if you learn how, and, of course, if you agree to spend ten minutes two or three days a week.

The hair treatment that provides preventative massage is essentially strengthen the blood supply to the hair follicle, so that more nutrients and oxygen to reach your hair does not grow at a rate below the normal, or die and fall.

The method of massaging the scalp is the following: sitting, with head slightly bent over her legs, start by joining hands behind the neck and, using fingertips, use a circular motion at the base of the head (the beginning of the hair), small and without rubbing.

Feel at a time when the area was “lit”, that is, increases in temperature due to all the blood that accumulates there. The idea is as if “dragged” the blood upward from the head, slowly and with the same movements.

Once you’ve reached the top of the skull base, separate the hands and fingers, continuing in a circular motion towards the temples and forehead using all fingers. Do not use nails or drag the hair, if necessary, lift the pads to move them to a site immediately as it moves towards his face.

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