How to regrow hair on a receding hairline with Provillus

A receding hairline is a problem for both men and women, but men are more likely to experience this problem as they grow older. Hair loss begins when men are in their 30s and by the age of 50 a considerable amount of hair is lost. Moreover, seeing that the hairline recedes day by day can be devastating for both sexes.

How to prevent receding hairline – For men

Many cases of receding hairline are due to genetics, but not all of them; when this problem appears due to other problems, they can be more easily prevented. Issues like unhealthy diet, chemically infused hair products, lack of nutrition, prescription medication and stress can be the reason why hair loss suddenly appears.

It is important for men to keep a proper diet. Fish is rich in omega-3 and vitamin D and contains plenty of minerals and proteins. Both vitamin D and omega-3 have been clinically linked to preventing hair loss. Iron can be found in pumpkin and quinoa or in eggs and meat, but iron supplements are available for those who prefer them.

Moreover, since insulin resistance is linked to premature hair loss, it comes no surprise that refined grain and sweets should be avoided or ingested minimally.

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Stress is one common cause of hair loss and it can cause two types of receding hairline. Alopecia areata is caused by white blood cells which block hair follicles, therefore leading to hair loss. The second type is called telogen effluvium and it causes growing and healthy hair to stop its natural process. In this case, the hair will eventually fall out. The second type is linked to strong emotional or physical stress.

Massaging the scalp is another relaxing way of preventing hair loss. The blood flow will be boosted to hair follicles thus they will grow healthier. According to opinions expressed via forums, one of the best massages that can aid hair regrowth is by combining castor oil with lemon essential oil. Massage it for two minutes then leave it in the hair for 15 minutes. Wash it thoroughly with cold water and a mild shampoo which does not contain chemicals. The process should be repeated once a week or even daily.

Avoiding alcohol will also keep both the scalp and the hair healthy and using alcohol-free products are highly recommended by people with receding hairline from all over the internet. Staying away from products which contain alcohol will keep the scalp moisturized.

However, as reviews and opinions expressed via forums show, the best way to ensure that hair will regrow is by using products that claim to have a beneficial effect. Provillus is an all-natural hair growth supplement which has been created for both sexes, but both users and manufacturers advise prospective clients to use the product made especially for them.

This hair loss system has been designed not only to prevent hair loss, but also to help regrow it in just a few weeks.

In short, what this product claims to do is create the ideal environment for healthy hairs without the need to go through surgery. As manufacturers show, Provillus offers the right nutrition in order to bring hair follicles back to life. Its blend of ingredients prevents hair loss from occurring later in life.

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How to fix receding hairline – For men

When receding hairline happens, each person reacts in his or her way. Some seek natural remedies while others go to the doctor for either surgery or medical treatments. For those who wish to regrow hair, there are several methods which include at least a visit to the doctor like laser combs, hair transplant surgeries or use of prescribed medication.

However, as reviews show, the best way to cope with a receding hairline without going to the doctor or taking over the counter medications is to use Provillus, a hair loss treatment which claims to help men regrow their hair. According to the official website, this product encapsulates all the essential proteins, vitamins and minerals that the body needs in order to reproduce non-pigmented healthy hairs. As reviews guarantee, Provillus offers strength from the inside and has the power to halt hair shedding which happen due to Zinc deficiency, low blood supply, stress or toxins.

Hair products are also a good method of fighting hair loss, if the situation is not so advanced. There are especially-made shampoos and conditioners for receding hairline which claim to stop hair thinning.

According to plenty of reviews, other methods of re-growing hair on a receding hairline are the following: styling products that do not contain alcohol, avoid combing the hair too often and too aggressively, avoid harsh hair chemicals and products which promise to thicken hair and boost growth. Instead, it is better to use vitamins to increase hair growth. Ultimately, silk or satin pillow cases cause less friction, which means that the hair loss is reduced.

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How to fix receding hairline – For women

Although this situation is not as common when it comes to women, they too experience receding hairline, especially between 30 and 60 years or post-menopausal. Frontal fibrosing alopecia is a condition in which the hair line recedes even with five inches.

Just like in the case of men, stress is one powerful cause of hair loss, along with excessive pulling of hair and processing, birth control pills, ovarian tumors and hormonal imbalances. Traumas and infectious diseases, low levels of estrogen and high testosterone are also problems that cause hair loss.

Still, the American Academy of Dermatologists reported that the causes of receding hairline are unknown. Early diagnosis can help women stop further hair loss and even regrow more hairs. According to some reviews, there are several methods that might help women suffering from a receding hairline.

If hormonal imbalances are the ones causing a receding hairline, then hormone therapy could help hair return to normal. However, some women might turn to hair transplants in order to be sure that the method of their choice is faultless.

Sometimes, thyroid problems result in receded hairline and one of the best ways to combat this problem is with the help of Levothyroxine. However, as reviews related to receding hairline issues show, minoxidil is the best way to slow down hair loss. Since Provillus contains the powerful minoxidil, it is a product worth taking into consideration. According to the product’s manufacturers, it has the ability to block DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Its effective formula has been created to offer the body the much needed nutrients in order to prevent hair loss and also help the client regrow hair in a 100% natural way, without resorting to painful and expensive methods like surgery.

Provillus takes care of the hair follicles by offering them essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and B6 complex and plenty of users praise the product for using biotin in order to make keratin. The second step is to protect the seized follicles against cortisol and DHT. Finally, only after the hair follicles are protected, the hair growth process can begin. It uses minoxidil, a famous ingredient which has the power to stop hair loss and enhance hair growth. Moreover, when minoxidil is combined with other natural ingredients, the scalp is instantly nourished and the hair will be more likely to grow thicker and healthier. Provillus also contains a topical solution which contains minoxidil, the FDA-approved drug which has been clinically tested to encourage hair growth.

Judging from the amount of positive reviews, it appears that over 95% of Provillus users have had positive experiences with this product. However, both manufacturers and clients state that it is very important for women to use the product which has been designed especially for them.

Minoxidil is an effective ingredient and clinical studies prove it. According to a research published in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology 2002, only 5% of minoxidil can have positive results on the hair loss problem.

Although Provillus offers results in only a few weeks, as reviews show, during the treatment women feel the need to hide their receding hairline. One trick to hiding this problem is to part the hair and let it fall naturally on the face. Pulling the hair back will only emphasize the problem and a ponytail or a bun will have the same result. Bangs are a great trick to hide a receding hairline and a shorter hair cut will diminish the contract between the hairline and the rest of the hair.

Even though both men and women know that a receding hairline can be fixed, but it takes time, Provillus claims to have the ability to shorten the period and give positive results without the pain and expensive costs that come with a surgery. Those who wish to try this product must be patient, because hair coverage will most likely be attained anywhere between three to six months, depending on the problem, its cause and the client.

Re-growing hair on a receding hairline may be a long process, but it does not have to be tough. Both men and women who experience this problem can start with actions as trivial as remembering to use alcohol-free products or having a healthy diet, but when all fails, plenty of people with a receding hairline recommend Provillus.

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