Even since ancient times, humans knew how to blend herbs to improve their wellness and eliminate various diseases. Even non-threating issues such as hair loss can be removed and combated with medicinal plants. Provillus is a highly efficient treatment manufactured with natural ingredients that African tribes and Egyptians used to combat alopecia and improve the appearance of hair. Here is everything you need to know about prescribed drugs for balding and how to stimulate hair growth at home.

How safe are prescribed drugs?

Hair loss and how to regrowMany people ignore the first signs of shedding and request the assistance of their doctor when balding is already noticeable. Your GP will run some tests first, to determine the exact cause of the problem. However, in over 90% of all hair loss cases, the culprit is a combination of genes and hormones. Certain individuals inherit a sensitivity to the male hormone Dihydrotestosterone, a chemical which will attach to follicles and prevent them from receiving nutrients from blood. As a consequence, hairs will grow shorter, thinner, and finer. Even worse, some follicles will remain dormant and stop producing any strands.

Finasteride and Minoxidil are among the most common prescribed drugs for hair loss. While Finasteride is known for dealing with alopecia and slowing its development, this active ingredient also triggers the occurrence of unwanted side effects: dizziness, chills, confusion, cold sweats, itchy skin, welts, breast enlargement, rapid weight gain, and bloating of face, arms, and legs. On the other hand, Minoxidil is available even without a prescription, in the form of Provillus. This active compound was added to the formula of the topical solution, and you have to apply it regularly on the scalp to hinder balding and regrow new strands.

Efficiently regrow hair with natural ingredients

The manufacturers of Provillus have combined the power of nature with the most recent technology. They obtained a topical solution and dietary capsules that will deal with alopecia from inside out. If the solution will repair follicles and encourage the development of stronger strands, the pills will stop the cause of shedding and nourish the scalp. As a consequence, new strands will grow even on bald spots, and you will regain your self-esteem soon after starting the treatment with Provillus.

Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle, Uva-Ursi, and Muira Puama P are only some of the medicinal herbs that our ancestors used to cure hair loss. These compounds are now included in the composition of Provillus pills, and they will efficiently work together to promote the development of new hairs on your scalp. This remedy is available on the official website, and the good news is that you do not need a medical prescription to get it.

Based on over 90% of consumer reviews, Provillus is the safest treatment for alopecia. This natural remedy will not cause any adverse effects and, moreover, it will improve the health of your scalp. Your hairs will grow thicker and shinier, the follicles will repair, and you will eliminate what causes alopecia. Use Provillus at home as recommended, and you will enjoy the benefits within weeks of treatment!

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