Hair loss is a delicate problem for both men and women and it can appear regardless of age. Although this problem mostly affects men and women, it can even touch the life of children and young adults.

Signs of hair loss

Signs of hair loss are never consistent and they vary between men, women and children. This problem may appear suddenly, as some reviews show, but sometimes there are signs that we usually ignore. It is important to acknowledge that signs are not necessarily the same for men, women and children, so they should be treated separately.

Men who experience hair thinning or a receding hairline or those who have a horseshoe-shaped pattern which leaves the crown of the head exposed will definitely face hair loss in the future.

The universal sign of hair loss as far as women are concerned is the general hair thinning, especially at the head’s crown. A dull and thin hair is never good news, which is why this is the moment when changes must occur in order to salvage the hair.

It is not normal for children to experience hair loss, which is why it is better to call the doctor if the following happen: the child loses patches of hair all of a sudden, all hair on the body is lost or there are patches of broken hairs and even incomplete hair loss on both the scalp and eyebrows.

What do signs say

Hair loss has become a natural occurrence, but it is important for people to know that it can be stopped. However, before treating the problem, people should know where this problem stems from.

After signs become obvious, people should see a doctor and find out why this has happened. There are plenty of reasons why hair loss occurs, but the most possible are the following: Telogen Effluvium, a phenomenon which usually occurs after a major stress, weight loss, pregnancy or surgery and hereditary hair loss. Hypothyroidism, lupus, Iron deficiency anemia and polycystic ovarian syndrome are also reasons why hair loss might occur. The scalp’s skin condition, Alopecia Areata and excessive styling can also trigger signs which ultimately lead to hair loss.

What to do next

After you’ve interpreted the signs and you found out the reason why you are prone to hair loss, it is important to find a way to fight it. According to some reviews and opinions expressed via forums, some tricks that might help are a healthy diet, no stress, more scalp massages and no alcohol intake.

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As it can be seen from the official website, manufacturers recommend clients to use the product as a dietary supplement. Two capsules per day should be taken by adults and it is necessary to take them with meals and water. These supplements are taken orally, so they are absorbed fast in order to be able to promise healthy hair growth. Since ingredients are 100% natural, both clients and manufacturers have guaranteed that there are no reported side effects. As reviews show, over 95% of those who have tried Provillus have concluded that the product is effective. However, it is important for each gender to use the product created especially for him or her.

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