Hair loss is a significant health concern for many adult Americans, and especially women, who are terrified of becoming bald. Statistics show that over 50% of the females in North America are affected by this ailment. Since this process is rarely sudden, the best way to prevent it is to identify its early symptoms and fight them off with the right treatment.

Provillus improves hair density

One of the first signs that you might be losing your crowning glory is thinning hair. Without proper nourishment, the follicles on your scalp produce loose, dry strands that grow slow and rarefied. In time, your mane loses its natural thickness, and it becomes lusterless run-down. If you have already reached this stage, you should take action immediately. Here are a few sure but straightforward ways to improve hair density:

Use a hair growth supplement

According to medical research, the primary cause for thinning hair is poor nutrition. If your diet lacks protein, vitamins, and minerals, then your follicles will not receive the necessary amount of nutrients to develop active, long-lasting threads. In fact, a disastrous meal plan can even place these hair-producing cells in a dormant state that is almost guaranteed to induce permanent balding.

It might be a bit late to do a complete overhaul of your fridge and pantry, but you can still prevent baldness with a natural supplement for hair growth. Provillus formula is a revolutionary treatment for damaged threads that averts balding and improves hair density. It uses a unique mix of organically sourced ingredients that nourish your follicles from the first day of treatment.

Long-term intake of Provillus promotes and sustains natural hair growth without any adverse side effects. You can make life-changing decisions regarding your diet, but without the help of this potent cure for baldness, it will be challenging to repair thinning hair.

Achieve hormonal balance

Thinning hair is a natural side effect of pregnancy. If you have recently been through this life-altering stage, you might have a hormonal imbalance that inadvertently leads to damaged curls on your head. However, if you have not been pregnant in the past two years, and you have a nutritional plan rich in vitamins and minerals, you might want to undergo a medical exam for hormonal distribution.

Many times, your hormone production may be derailed by medication, an internal illness or even stress. In some cases, hypothyroidism is responsible for thinning hair, while some birth control pills have also been known to reduce follicle activity. Contact your doctor and make sure that you are not affected by any of these problems.

Drink more water

Alcohol and sugar are two natural enemies of a shiny, lush mane. If you notice that your hair is lacking density, try to drink more water regularly. Replace alcoholic drinks and sweetened beverages with pressed juices from fruits and vegetables, and avoid sodas that lack any nutritional value.

Break your bad habits

Smoking is bad for your health for a variety of reasons. When it comes to the well-being of your hair, you should know that tobacco and nicotine reduce circulation. A slower blood flow means that fewer nutrients reach your follicles, and in time they lose the ability to produce long, sturdy threads that create hair density.

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