Hair Loss Shampoo

The shampoos are special preparations that have specific therapeutic function: to provide health to the scalp disease. There are several types: a seborrhea and dandruff shampoo, shampoo for oily hair one another shampoo for dry hair shampoo and other hair loss. The chemical composition of these is different, because it is directed to various diseases of the scalp. The shampoo for hair loss is indicated as part of comprehensive treatment of alopecia and its primary action is to recover the strands thinned, brittle and dull. His special components must balance the distribution of product throughout the hair, not allowing the scalp from drying out. You must also provide a cosmetic effect by which the hair may look more healthy shine and volume. Currently about one third of the world population, presents problems of hair loss than normal levels.

Features that a shampoo for hair loss should have

  • Encourage the strengthening of the hair follicle and the recovery of hair thinned, brittle and devitalized.
  • Balancing the distribution of oil on the strands of hair, not allowing the drowning of the roots or dry scalp
  • Have a cosmetic effect for the appearance of hair, giving it more volume and shine.
  • To combat falling hair, his inconsistency and lack of brightness.
  • You should clean the hair follicles by removing the sebum and preventing dandruff.

Types of shampoos for hair loss

Handler Shampoo: It is a preparation that has a specific therapeutic function: restoring health to the hair or make the disease to regain its natural state. I must say that it is difficult to achieve baldness shampoo that prevents hair loss, untreated conditions concomitant factors such as dandruff and seborrhea, among others.

Dandruff Shampoo: The FDA recommended for treating dandruff, which accompanied in many cases the hair loss, a series of molecules, effectively controlled pityriasis (dandruff) Piriton Zinc Slicílico acid, selenium sulfide and sulfur.

Antiseborrhoeic Shampoo: seborrhea is also a process related to hair loss. Preparations with active substances against seborrhea are useful as adjunctive treatment of hair loss. These substances are: selenium sulfide and cadmium sulfide, colloidal sulfur, undecylenic acid derivatives, among others.

Revitalizing Shampoo: A revitalizing invigorates the hair follicle, thus strengthening the hair shaft preventing weakness and fall. It is considered that this is a shampoo for hair loss; it tones the hair follicle, hair thickness and increases its brightness. Its chemical composition is formed with surfactant protein databases that have a restorative action of the hair, providing more volume and vitality to the hair.

How to use a shampoo for hair loss

The hair should be washed with shampoo by Gentle massage of the scalp with your fingertips, without exerting much friction. Then remove completely the shampoo with warm water. Then you can use a regular conditioner for a short time, but warning that should be removed completely conditioner and excess water with a towel. You can complete the treatment by applying a lotion with the same pharmacological action that the shampoo, pouring 10 drops on the scalp, then a short practice and gently massage the areas affected by hair loss. Then allow your hair to dry normally. The frequency of washing your hair is of 3 times per week.

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