Hair Loss in Men

Before discussing hair loss in men, we must consider that there are several times in the year where the hairs are more exposed to environmental damage. There are nearly 3 months in which the hair may be affected by excessive sun, salty sea water or fresh water treated with sodium hypochlorite in swimming pools.

Repeated exposure to these insults, coupled with the predisposition to hair loss, may be the trigger hair loss in men. Men who start losing hair may not know, but in recent years, advances in medicine incorporated major innovations to solve the problem.

Knowing the capillary structure and functions of the scalp is essential to understand the difference between normal hair fall in men and is not normal (pathological). Only a doctor is that I could identify the type of hair loss.

There are several factors that may influence men to undergo a process of hair loss above normal. Now with the passing of modern times, people are the candidates eager to have a decreased amount of hair. Anxiety is a factor that can aggravate the problem, that is, the more lives will suffer emotionally slower results to control the situation.

Another limiting factor in hair loss in men is poor blood circulation to the scalp, as the cellular oxygenation and the supply of nutrients are vital to the growth of the hair follicle. We should also mention that a deficit in the diet, especially protein, vitamins and minerals, nutrition effectively prevent the hair bulb.

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