Prevent your kid from going bald with Provillus

Hair loss is a common medical condition in the adult world, which is why we rarely imagine that children can suffer from it, too. However, medical studies suggest that baldness can occur in juvenile individuals as well.

If your child is suffering from hair loss, you should know that it can be soothed with the right treatment. Before you apply for expensive transplant surgery, you can find out how to prevent your kid from going bald by discovering the exact thing that triggered it. Here are the most common causes of hair loss in children:

Alopecia areata

This condition is an ailment that causes children’s threads to fall in large clumps before they even reach adulthood. It is non-contagious, which signifies that nor you or anybody else can get it by being around the carrier. The easiest way to identify it is to look for bald spots on the kid’s head and ridges on his fingernails.

Alopecia areata does not attack the strands of hair, but rather the scalp follicles from which they grow by forcing them to enter in a dormant state. Once the cells stop producing new threads, baldness gradually takes over the entire head.

Your best choice in curing hair loss in children is to use an entirely organic treatment like Provillus. This natural hair growth supplement revives the follicles and boosts hair production from the first month of use. It is a renowned remedy for baldness that is safe to use for both adults and minors without risking any adverse side effects.

Tinea capitis

Many children suffer from this medical condition from an early age. This ailment is a fungal infection that affects the well-being of their scalps. Tinea capitis is contagious, and it usually appears as small patches of dry hair at first. These strands eventually fall off, and they will not be replaced unless you use a highly effective treatment for hair loss.
While antifungal remedies will eventually remove the infection from your kid’s scalp, you will need to use Provillus to promote and sustain hair regrowth over the bald patches left behind. This organic remedy for baldness replenishes the threads lost on your child’s head safely and quickly.


Hair loss in children does not only occur from infections or physical conditions. It can also be the result of a mental disorder or a temporary mood. Because of anxiety, depression and intense stress kids tend to tear their threads out repetitively. This unhealthy habit destroys their ability to grow new strands, and it can even lead to permanent baldness if special help is not sought for it.

Nutritional deficiency

A lack of proper nutrients can lead to hair loss in children. Deficiency in vitamin B and minerals like Zinc and Magnesium forces the scalp follicles to produce only half of their regular amount of threads. Fortunately, you can quickly remedy this problem by applying Provillus regularly. This natural hair growth supplement restores nutritional balance and fuels the cells with the necessary nutrients for optimal strand production.

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