Hair grows in stages. If sometimes it seems to rapidly grow, after a few months numerous hair strands fall and it can bring the sufferer close to the edge. The appearance of your scalp is less appealing, hair loses its shine, threads are all over and you start wondering whether what you experience is normal or not. During menopause the hair loss lasts considerably longer than the growing stage. Why does it happen and where can you find the best cure for this unpleasant problem?

Hormones, menopause and hair loss

Numerous factors are linked to cause hair loss in women. Medicines, nutrient deprivation and hormone imbalances are often to blame. However, when they reach menopause in their 40s-50s, the hormonal fluctuations cause havoc in women’s bodies. The production of the hormone Estrogen is reduced, the levels of Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone are increased and changes will start to occur. But in Provillus store you will discover the best treatment for baldness due to loss due to menopause- get your treatment from Provillus store

The most noticeable problem that appears in this period is the loss of hair. Dihydrotestosterone will attach to follicles and it will trigger the shedding of strands. Because the ingredients from Provillus Hair Recovery System are 100% natural and efficient, the sufferers of alopecia will succeed to stop the hair loss and regain the appearance of beautiful and shiny locks.

You can purchase this health supplement from Provillus store, on the official website. Although many other dietary supplements and herbal medicines can be bought from drugstores and shops such as Amazon and Walmart, the treatment you will get here will not address to alopecia’s both cause and effects. Provillus consists in a combination of dietary pills and topical solution that ensure the best results. This potent remedy will balance the hormone levels, reduce the impact of DHT and replenish the health of follicles naturally.

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Though it is not a traditional shop, Provillus store is the best place to purchase your genuine treatment for baldness. Acquire your 6 month supply from the official website and you will not waste your money on a copycat. The results expected will appear within months of treatment and hair will grow back again without having to use chemical drugs or prescribed medicines that also come with unpleasant side effects.

The product you will buy from the online shop will combat hair fall from inside and outside. The pills nourish the system, reduce the production of DHT and accelerate the hair growth rate. On the other hand, Provillus topical solution will revive the follicles affected by high DHT levels and stimulate the growth of new strands in an efficient and risk-free way.

Women affected by alopecia due to menopause should use Provillus to regain their self-esteem and healthy look of their locks. This cure ensures 90 days money back guarantee, it offers 100% customer satisfaction and it’s efficacy is testified by scientific. Request your trial from the Provillus store on the official website and you will see with your own eyes how hair loss is stopped, prevented and reversed!

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