Avoid hair transplant surgeries

It is estimated that over 1 million people apply for a hair transplant medical procedure every year. Some of these individuals are completely bald, while others have just noticed their hairline receding to the middle of their heads. While the majority of the patients are men, there has been a staggering increase in females suffering from hair loss in the past decade that have applied for a hair transplant surgery.

If you are worried about losing your precious mane, you should know all the possible treatments for hair regrowth before approaching any medical procedure. Hair transplant surgeries are expensive, require a lot of attention, and have a success rate of only 57%. More effective alternatives to this method exist, and they come at a more reasonable price. Here are some of them:

Use minoxidil hair growth supplements

A century ago hair loss was considered permanent. If you were becoming bald, you had to resign to the death of your follicles for the rest of your life. Just a few decades ago, hair regrowth seemed almost impossible, and skeptical bald men would cover their insecurities with synthetic wigs. Furthermore, the idea that two tiny capsules can restore your mane was nothing short of science fiction.

Nowadays, due to the revolutionary breakthroughs in medicine and cosmetics, we know that hair loss is only a temporary stage. Also, the two magical pills that make wigs redundant do exist. They are called hair regrowth supplements and are packed with precious nutrients that keep the follicles on your scalp up and running.

One of the best hair growth supplements on the market is Provillus formula. This 100% natural remedy for baldness uses a unique composition of herbal extracts, minerals, and vitamins to boost thread production from healthy follicles. However, its secret power lies in the significant 5% dose of minoxidil, which is essential for hair restoration.

Minoxidil is a vasodilator substance specifically developed to treat hair loss. Medical studies show that over 40% of the patients experience hair regrowth after at least six months of treatment. Daily intake of Provillus promotes and sustains the natural development of your threads, without the need for transplant surgeries or other expensive procedures.

Laser therapy

A recent technology that promises quick hair regrowth implies the use of a laser comb. Weekly treatments include scalp massages with an electric brush-like device that uses laser beams to revive the dormant follicles. While this method has won the appreciation of gadget-enthusiastic users, its novelty has not produced any significant results yet.

Make life-changing decisions

A simple and effective alternative to hair transplant surgery is to take better care of your health condition. Hair loss is commonly associated with bad habits and practices that establish a sure path to baldness. Alcohol consumption, poor dieting, smoking and even a stressful job contribute to the death of your follicles.

If you want to regrow your hair naturally and in the most economical possible manner, you need to make some life-changing decisions. Adopt a healthy diet that is rich in nutrients. Drink less alcohol, give up smoking and try to get a regular sleep cycle. These small changes will prove essential in the long run. Furthermore, if you back them up with a daily dose of Provillus, you have a high chance of keeping your natural, luscious mane far into your retirement years.

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