How to reduce hair loss after chemotherapy

Chemotherapy effects on hair

Alopecia or hair loss is an unfortunate adverse effect of cancer treatments with chemotherapy. The good news is that while you lose every single thread on your body, it is only a temporary problem. In most cases your locks grow back after the intake of medication is stopped. To make sure that you gain back your full mane it is essential that you take a balding remedy like Provillus to reduce shedding and to sustain a healthy regrowth of your hairline.

Chemotherapy side effects

The term chemotherapy is attributed to a treatment of powerful drugs that cancer patients may choose to undergo. This is a terrifying process for most people. However, if you know exactly how it works and what are its side effects, you can prepare in time for it and avoid some of the negative consequences. One of these is the inability to grow back your hair. Instead of resorting to expensive transplants, you can regain your threads in a natural way with the best shampoo when losing massive amounts of hair. This baldness remedy is based on a highly-efficient combination of minoxidil and herbal extracts that guarantee the full regeneration of your mane.

Chemotherapy affects many parts of your body, like the reproductive system and the digestive tract. Its influence over your hair follicles is probably the most destructive, as your locks start falling out without being replaced by new ones. As soon as the medication stops you need a reliable shedding treatment that restores your cells back to life. Provillus can help you grow back healthy threads with strong roots in less than six months of use due to its potent formula of nourishing vitamins and minerals.

How to reduce hair loss naturally

Baldness is a medical condition that is feared by many adults. It is significantly more depressing to suffer from it when it comes as a direct consequence of a cancer treatment. Fortunately, hair loss can be cured with the use of a powerful remedy for balding. Provillus has been created to stop shedding in both men and women. Its efficiency is backed by a composition of only natural elements that revive your head skin cells into producing new threads.

In the majority of instances chemotherapy succeeds in eliminating malign tumors. What follows next for the patient is a lengthy journey to full recovery. Provillus can help make this process easier and shorter. There are no stores near you, unfortunatelly – you may only order it online. Its unique mix of nutrients can supply the body with the necessary boost to overcome damaging side effects like hair loss. A simple daily dose of this solution for alopecia can help any sufferer regain a forehead full of new and luscious locks.

Use Provillus after cancer treatment

An unnatural intake of chemical drugs can have durable consequences on your body. The most common one is the total loss of hair that you experience. After you end the cancer treatment, your follicles slowly come back to life. However, without external help it will take years before you regain your full mane.

Provillus has been successful in over 94% of the cases where recovering patients were struggling with hair loss after chemotherapy. As a result, this treatment for baldness has become the no.1 shedding remedy recommended by doctors worldwide to former victims of cancer.

5 healthy properties of zinc

Contrary to popular opinion, the key to having a full head of shiny, glamorous hair is not in the brush you use or in the shampoo you apply in the shower. A recent clinical study has revealed that vitamins and nutrients form the fuel of hair growth and follicle regeneration. Among the many minerals that sustain your healthy curls and prevent baldness, zinc plays a definitive role.

Healthy properties of zinc

Zinc is a natural element that is essential for human health. It is the 24th most abundant chemical on the planet, and you can find it everywhere from the Earth’s crust to your tiny dietary supplement pills. Read on to find out five of its healthiest properties and how to get more of it on your scalp and in your mane!

Zinc revives scalp follicles

One of the many causes of hair loss is a nutrient deficiency. A lack of zinc primarily leads to a severe nutritional imbalance that affects every aspect of your health. Your nails become brittle, you suffer from skin inflammations, but most importantly your hairline recedes.

To prevent baldness, you need to add more zinc to your diet. You can get a decent amount of this mineral in foods like spinach, eggs, and oysters. However, if you want to boost hair regrowth, your best choice is to use Provillus – a natural remedy for hair loss that is packed with potent nutrients, vitamins and a significant amount of zinc.

Zinc treats alopecia areata

Hair loss is medically known as alopecia areata – a condition that affects both men and women. Although it is usually triggered by a genetic factor or intense stress, this ailment can also be the effect of not having enough zinc in your blood.

Based on Provillus reviews by taking this treatment on a daily basis, you can easily and quickly turn the tables on your zinc deficiency. This treatment for alopecia areata provides you with enough nutrients to stop hair loss and boost follicle regeneration in just a matter of weeks.

Zinc adds luster to your mane

Besides helping you maintain thick hair on your head, Provillus also adds luster to your mane. This is possible through the high amount of zinc that it contains. In combination with other vitamins, organic compounds, and herbal extracts, this mineral facilitates the production of natural oils in your hair. The result is a steady and healthy growth of thick, glamorous threads that enhance your beauty and increase your confidence.

Zinc fortifies hair roots

Follicles are the cells responsible for hair growth. The ones located on your scalp have the highest tendency to enter a dormant state once you grow old. This happens because your body does not receive enough minerals to keep them awake. With Provillus you can defy the aging process and rejuvenate the follicles by forcing them to grow thicker and healthier strands of hair from stronger and more dependent roots.

Zinc boosts hair regrowth

If your hairline has already receded to the center of your scalp and new threads refuse to grow around your temples, you need an immediate zinc infusion. The best way to get this mineral into your body is a powerful remedy for baldness like Provillus. This cure for alopecia areata reverses the hairline receding process and boosts hair regrowth in just a few weeks of daily treatment.

Effective alternatives to hair transplant surgeries

Avoid hair transplant surgeries

It is estimated that over 1 million people apply for a hair transplant medical procedure every year. Some of these individuals are completely bald, while others have just noticed their hairline receding to the middle of their heads. While the majority of the patients are men, there has been a staggering increase in females suffering from hair loss in the past decade that have applied for a hair transplant surgery.

If you are worried about losing your precious mane, you should know all the possible treatments for hair regrowth before approaching any medical procedure. Hair transplant surgeries are expensive, require a lot of attention, and have a success rate of only 57%. More effective alternatives to this method exist, and they come at a more reasonable price. Here are some of them:

Use minoxidil hair growth supplements

A century ago hair loss was considered permanent. If you were becoming bald, you had to resign to the death of your follicles for the rest of your life. Just a few decades ago, hair regrowth seemed almost impossible, and skeptical bald men would cover their insecurities with synthetic wigs. Furthermore, the idea that two tiny capsules can restore your mane was nothing short of science fiction.

Nowadays, due to the revolutionary breakthroughs in medicine and cosmetics, we know that hair loss is only a temporary stage. Also, the two magical pills that make wigs redundant do exist. They are called hair regrowth supplements and are packed with precious nutrients that keep the follicles on your scalp up and running.

One of the best hair growth supplements on the market is Provillus formula. This 100% natural remedy for baldness uses a unique composition of herbal extracts, minerals, and vitamins to boost thread production from healthy follicles. However, its secret power lies in the significant 5% dose of minoxidil, which is essential for hair restoration.

Minoxidil is a vasodilator substance specifically developed to treat hair loss. Medical studies show that over 40% of the patients experience hair regrowth after at least six months of treatment. Daily intake of Provillus promotes and sustains the natural development of your threads, without the need for transplant surgeries or other expensive procedures.

Laser therapy

A recent technology that promises quick hair regrowth implies the use of a laser comb. Weekly treatments include scalp massages with an electric brush-like device that uses laser beams to revive the dormant follicles. While this method has won the appreciation of gadget-enthusiastic users, its novelty has not produced any significant results yet.

Make life-changing decisions

A simple and effective alternative to hair transplant surgery is to take better care of your health condition. Hair loss is commonly associated with bad habits and practices that establish a sure path to baldness. Alcohol consumption, poor dieting, smoking and even a stressful job contribute to the death of your follicles.

If you want to regrow your hair naturally and in the most economical possible manner, you need to make some life-changing decisions. Adopt a healthy diet that is rich in nutrients. Drink less alcohol, give up smoking and try to get a regular sleep cycle. These small changes will prove essential in the long run. Furthermore, if you back them up with a daily dose of Provillus, you have a high chance of keeping your natural, luscious mane far into your retirement years.

Hair loss in children: how to prevent your kid from going bald

Prevent your kid from going bald with Provillus

Hair loss is a common medical condition in the adult world, which is why we rarely imagine that children can suffer from it, too. However, medical studies suggest that baldness can occur in juvenile individuals as well.

If your child is suffering from hair loss, you should know that it can be soothed with the right treatment. Before you apply for expensive transplant surgery, you can find out how to prevent your kid from going bald by discovering the exact thing that triggered it. Here are the most common causes of hair loss in children:

Alopecia areata

This condition is an ailment that causes children’s threads to fall in large clumps before they even reach adulthood. It is non-contagious, which signifies that nor you or anybody else can get it by being around the carrier. The easiest way to identify it is to look for bald spots on the kid’s head and ridges on his fingernails.

Alopecia areata does not attack the strands of hair, but rather the scalp follicles from which they grow by forcing them to enter in a dormant state. Once the cells stop producing new threads, baldness gradually takes over the entire head.

Your best choice in curing hair loss in children is to use an entirely organic treatment like Provillus. This natural hair growth supplement revives the follicles and boosts hair production from the first month of use. It is a renowned remedy for baldness that is safe to use for both adults and minors without risking any adverse side effects.

Tinea capitis

Many children suffer from this medical condition from an early age. This ailment is a fungal infection that affects the well-being of their scalps. Tinea capitis is contagious, and it usually appears as small patches of dry hair at first. These strands eventually fall off, and they will not be replaced unless you use a highly effective treatment for hair loss.
While antifungal remedies will eventually remove the infection from your kid’s scalp, you will need to use Provillus to promote and sustain hair regrowth over the bald patches left behind. This organic remedy for baldness replenishes the threads lost on your child’s head safely and quickly.


Hair loss in children does not only occur from infections or physical conditions. It can also be the result of a mental disorder or a temporary mood. Because of anxiety, depression and intense stress kids tend to tear their threads out repetitively. This unhealthy habit destroys their ability to grow new strands, and it can even lead to permanent baldness if special help is not sought for it.

Nutritional deficiency

A lack of proper nutrients can lead to hair loss in children. Deficiency in vitamin B and minerals like Zinc and Magnesium forces the scalp follicles to produce only half of their regular amount of threads. Fortunately, you can quickly remedy this problem by applying Provillus regularly. This natural hair growth supplement restores nutritional balance and fuels the cells with the necessary nutrients for optimal strand production.

How to improve hair density

Hair loss is a significant health concern for many adult Americans, and especially women, who are terrified of becoming bald. Statistics show that over 50% of the females in North America are affected by this ailment. Since this process is rarely sudden, the best way to prevent it is to identify its early symptoms and fight them off with the right treatment.

Provillus improves hair density

One of the first signs that you might be losing your crowning glory is thinning hair. Without proper nourishment, the follicles on your scalp produce loose, dry strands that grow slow and rarefied. In time, your mane loses its natural thickness, and it becomes lusterless run-down. If you have already reached this stage, you should take action immediately. Here are a few sure but straightforward ways to improve hair density:

Use a hair growth supplement

According to medical research, the primary cause for thinning hair is poor nutrition. If your diet lacks protein, vitamins, and minerals, then your follicles will not receive the necessary amount of nutrients to develop active, long-lasting threads. In fact, a disastrous meal plan can even place these hair-producing cells in a dormant state that is almost guaranteed to induce permanent balding.

It might be a bit late to do a complete overhaul of your fridge and pantry, but you can still prevent baldness with a natural supplement for hair growth. Provillus formula is a revolutionary treatment for damaged threads that averts balding and improves hair density. It uses a unique mix of organically sourced ingredients that nourish your follicles from the first day of treatment.

Long-term intake of Provillus promotes and sustains natural hair growth without any adverse side effects. You can make life-changing decisions regarding your diet, but without the help of this potent cure for baldness, it will be challenging to repair thinning hair.

Achieve hormonal balance

Thinning hair is a natural side effect of pregnancy. If you have recently been through this life-altering stage, you might have a hormonal imbalance that inadvertently leads to damaged curls on your head. However, if you have not been pregnant in the past two years, and you have a nutritional plan rich in vitamins and minerals, you might want to undergo a medical exam for hormonal distribution.

Many times, your hormone production may be derailed by medication, an internal illness or even stress. In some cases, hypothyroidism is responsible for thinning hair, while some birth control pills have also been known to reduce follicle activity. Contact your doctor and make sure that you are not affected by any of these problems.

Drink more water

Alcohol and sugar are two natural enemies of a shiny, lush mane. If you notice that your hair is lacking density, try to drink more water regularly. Replace alcoholic drinks and sweetened beverages with pressed juices from fruits and vegetables, and avoid sodas that lack any nutritional value.

Break your bad habits

Smoking is bad for your health for a variety of reasons. When it comes to the well-being of your hair, you should know that tobacco and nicotine reduce circulation. A slower blood flow means that fewer nutrients reach your follicles, and in time they lose the ability to produce long, sturdy threads that create hair density.

Minoxidil topical solution for hair growth

According to recent medical research, baldness affects over 50 million men and 30 million women in the United States. This medical condition also known as Androgenetic alopecia is the cause of genetic failure and the transfer of hair loss genes from one generation to the other.

Provillus minoxidil

The good news is that modern medicine has found a safe and comfortable way for you to overcome genetic iniquities. By using a minoxidil topical solution for hair growth, you can defeat male pattern baldness and regain your luscious mane safe and easy. Here are a few tips on how to stop your hairline from receding:

What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is a solution commonly used for hair loss remedies. This substance is efficient for sustainable hair growth in both men and women. Its primary action is to revive the follicles on your scalp and boost hair growth. In combination with other vitamins and organic essences, minoxidil increases your chances to regrow a full head of hair in just a few months of treatment.

The best remedy for hair loss on the market at the moment is Provillus. This cure for baldness uses a significant dose of minoxidil to accelerate hair growth and prevent your follicles from dying. The pills contained in this treatment are also packed with minerals and natural extracts that regenerate your scalp. Daily intake helps you defy baldness genes efficiently and without any negative consequences for your health.

Which is the best topical solution for baldness?

Provillus uses the complementary action of dietary supplement pills and topical solutions to boost hair growth quicker than any other hair loss treatment on the market. Both products use minoxidil and other Provillus ingredients to treat a balding scalp and revive the follicles from their dormant state.

Regular use of Provillus enables you to grow new strands of hair from stronger and healthier roots. Extensive treatment promotes and sustains hair regrowth even in areas where the follicles had stopped their production years ago. As a result, you develop thicker, more luscious curls that are harder to break and fall than ever before.

How quick will my hair grow back?

Provillus contains a 5% dose of minoxidil, which is ideal for hair growth in both men and women. Daily use boosts hair regeneration and restores your natural mane in less than 48 weeks of treatment. Besides the surfacing of new threads, this highly effective cure for baldness prevents your old strands from falling off.

The nourishing power of this receding hairline remedy supports the healthy growth of new hairs and the gradual strengthening of your old curls. It only takes two Provillus pills per day and a scalp massage with the topical solution to ensure a quick and natural restoration of your crowning glory.

Does minoxidil have any side effects?

Minoxidil is an FDA-approved substance that has passed all the necessary clinical tests before being proclaimed as 100% safe for human use. At relatively small doses it is impossible to produce any adverse side effects. The recommended amount of hair growth remedies is 5%, which is the staple present in the Provillus treatment for baldness.

Quick hair growth: How to reverse a bad haircut

We’ve all been there: one visit to the hair salon and an uninspired hairdresser are enough to make you lose your long, shiny curls that you have grown and groomed for years. Her units of measurement are apparently from another Universe, and you are stuck with a bob haircut for the next foreseeable future.

Reverse bad haircut

It might seem that everything is lost. However, before you leave resentment settle in, you should know that there are a few ways to reverse a bad haircut. Here are some quick hair growth tips that will restore your natural mane safe, fast, and with minimum effort:

Boost your nutrient intake

One of the worst ways of trying to reduce the effects of a bad haircut is using hair extensions. These artificial strands give you an unnatural, cheap look that will only give you a temporary confidence boost, but they will do nothing to your mane in the long run.

Your best choice of growing back your beautiful, shiny curls is to understand the natural process of hair growth. The threads on your head increase in length with 0.5 inches every month. For rapid hair regrowth, you will need to double that number. The safest and easiest method is to increase the number of nutrients you have in your diet.

Quick hair growth needs a lot of vitamins and minerals. Without a potent supplement, you would need to eat considerable quantities of fresh produce every day. Fortunately, you can replace entire shopping carts of fruits and vegetables with two small pills of Provillus. This remedy for hair loss is rich in organic ingredients and herbal extracts that promote and sustain the natural development of your threads. Daily intake keeps the follicles active and allows you to regain your lush mane quickly and safely.

Do daily scalp massages

If you want to add to the Provillus hair growth effect, you can do so with regular scalp massages. Take a few minutes every day to caress the skin on your head through smooth, circular moves. You can even add a few drops of peppermint oil to this ritual, as clinical studies have shown that this substance is essential in fighting off hair loss and damages strands.

Regular massages increase circulation and allow your follicles to receive more nutrients in a short span of time. Make it a daily habit to knead your scalp and boost your chances of growing long, shiny threads again.

Take cold showers

The ill-advised haircut that you have just received has undoubtedly put you in a bad mood. Before your hot temper explodes, and your Provillus order is shipped, you might want to take a cold shower that will both relax you and bolster hair growth at the same time.

Your hair is more likely to maintain moisture after a cold shower. Hydration is an essential part of follicle activity, and thread production is dependent on it. Try washing your hair with lukewarm water and finish your showers by switching gradually to the coldest temperature. Just a couple of minutes are enough to maintain the cells on your scalp energetic and productive. This practice goes excellent with a daily intake of Provillus for anyone who wants to repair a bad haircut and obtain quick hair regrowth.

Scalp health with modern technology

Your scalp is one of the body’s most susceptible areas of decay. Proper maintenance of the skin on your head is vital to hair growth and follicle activity. In fact, medical research has shown that disorders like male pattern baldness and alopecia areata have an increased risk of surfacing on a poorly preserved scalp.

Provillus is modern technology for hair loss

The good news is that modern technology can help you improve the condition of your scalp and prevent hair loss efficiently. The best treatment for baldness uses the latest breakthroughs in medical science to boost hair regeneration and avoid your hairline from receding.

A healthy scalp sustains hair growth

To benefit from a head full of thick, luscious hair, you need to protect and maintain the health of your scalp. The skin on your head is similar to the soil of a garden. If you want to grow anything worthwhile, you need to nourish it with proper fertilizers.

The issue with most hair growth products is that they are developed to nurture your curls more than to nourish your scalp. However, modern technology has produced a treatment for hair loss that prioritizes the skin on your head and its ability to create new hair. Provillus is the best remedy for baldness on the market that revives the follicles on your scalp and forces them to produce new threads from stronger and healthier roots, as you can find on Provillus reviews.

Modern times and aging scalps

The aging process affects the looks and health of each. A medical study shows that 16% of the guys between 18 and 29 years old suffer from extensive hair loss, and one in two men over 30 have to face frontal baldness.

As you grow old, the follicles on your scalp need more nutrients to maintain hair production. If you fail to nourish them with natural and essential vitamins, they enter a dormant state that eventually leads to full baldness. You can easily prevent a receding hairline if you use Provillus as your main hair growth treatment.

Provillus uses a unique formula of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that rejuvenate the cells on the skin of your head and boosts hair regrowth. So far, this remedy has helped thousands of men recapture their youthful good looks by providing them with a full set of luscious, dense hair.

Natural remedies vs. interventional technology

Hair transplants have passed the stage of novelty, and nowadays plenty of guys choose this type of surgery to regain their natural mane. The two problems with interventional technology are its high costs and its small chance of success. In general, only wealthy celebrities can afford the latest and most expensive hair transplants, and even then the chances of full hair regrowth are below 50%.

If you want to boost hair regeneration and cover the bald spots on your head, you need to use a natural remedy for hair loss like Provillus. This treatment uses a selection of organic nutrients and herbal extracts that guarantee hair regeneration. Long-term use provides your scalp with proper nourishment and sustainable hair regrowth.

The naked truth about hair loss: Myths and remedies

Medical research shows that balding is a natural process for all human beings, regardless of sex and age. It is normal for us to lose our manes as we grow old. So, why do we freak out every time the brushes get stuck with large clumps of hair? As soon as we see those long threads clogging the shower drain, we remember all the statistics on hair loss that appear in clinical studies:

  • Hair loss affects 50% of all women
  • Over 40% of men have bald spots by the time they reach 40
  • Alopecia areata affects 1 in every 100 individuals
  • The number of bald people in the world increases by 5% every year

Hair loss myths and remedies

It is entirely reasonable to fear to lose your crowning glory. Some people would be willing to give up on their lifestyle, wealth and social status only to keep their mane together. However, before you start tearing your hair out (literally), you should know that not all the statistics on baldness out there are accurate. Some of them are made up facts, myths and urban legends that will only increase your anxiety. Here are some of them:

Hair loss is permanent

Your body is biologically programmed to replenish old strands with new threads periodically. Therefore, occasional shedding is natural and even welcome for the well-being of your follicles. Unfortunately, many people take this process as a sign of going bald, so they approach expensive hair growth treatments of painful surgeries to prevent complete and permanent baldness.

The good news, according to Provillus reviews is that hair regrowth is possible and even quick if you use Provillus – a natural remedy for balding that boosts follicle regeneration and rapid thread development. A long-term with this over-the-counter supplement restores your mane to its natural density and brightness.

Birth control pills make you go bald

This myth has been around for ages, and even if doctors and dermatologists have so far disproved it, some women still believe that taking birth control pills will make their hair fall out. It all started many decades ago when most of the oral contraceptive tablets were filled with progesterone – a hormone that caused your threads to grow slower and thinner. However, modern versions of birth control pills have a more balanced composition and are safer for women who want to avoid pregnancy and maintain their shiny curls at the same time.

Only old people lose their crowning glory

We associate baldness with old people, and more specifically aged men. As a result, we tend to believe that hair loss will only affect us once we retire and the best years are behind us. In fact, hair loss can happen at any age, regardless of gender.

Through medical conditions like alopecia areata, male pattern baldness and even fungal infections, the follicles on your scalp may cease the production of new strands. You may go bald at 20 as easy as you would lose your hair at 60. In both cases, your best choice is to use a natural hair regrowth treatment like Provillus, which will revive your follicles and help you regain your shiny mane quickly and without any adverse side effects.

Vitamin B complex for hair regrowth

Many people believe that hair loss is a sudden event – like waking up in the morning and seeing a completely bald head in the mirror. The truth is that balding is a gradual process that for most individuals moves at a languid pace. The first symptom that you are losing your precious mane is a steady discoloration and lack of luster that affects your curls. This is a sign that your body lacks enough vitamins and minerals to produce healthy, luscious threads.

Vitamin B Provillus

The good news is that you can prevent hair loss by nourishing your scalp with a high dose of vitamin B complex. These compounds sustain natural hair growth by providing the follicles on your head with consistent nutrition that is essential for hair synthesis.

Boost hair regrowth with biotin

Among the many compounds included in the vitamin B complex biotin is the most important for the health of your hair, nails, and skin. This coenzyme is water-soluble and scientifically known as vitamin B7. It is produced naturally by your body to ensure cell growth and the production and assimilation of fatty acids.

Clinical studies have shown that Biotin deficiency plays a significant role in hair loss. A low level of it in your blood is enough for your mane to lose luster and for your follicles to produce thinner and breakable strands. However, with a hair regrowth treatment like Provillus, you can reverse the lack of vitamin B7 and increase thread production in just a matter of weeks. This therapy is a natural sustainer of healthy, luscious hair that it is easy to use and has no adverse side effects.

Take more Vitamin B5 to prevent balding

Another critical coenzyme of the vitamin B complex that you should take more to avoid your hairline from receding is the Pantothenic acid. Also known as vitamin B5, this substance helps the proper synthesis of proteins, carbs, and fats. Without a decent level of this water-soluble vitamin in your blood, you risk rapid and permanent balding.

You can get a small amount of vitamin B5 from foods like whole grains, eggs, and dairy products. However, if you are battling hair loss, you will need a stronger ally than your daily nutritional plan. In this regard, you cannot do better than Provillus – a remedy for balding that contains a significant amount of Pantothenic acid. Everyday use of this hair regrowth treatment helps you rejuvenate the follicles on your scalp and grow thicker and longer strands of hair.

Combine vitamin B complex with minoxidil

The best way to assimilate the coenzymes and acids of the vitamin B complex is to combine them with other essential substances for hair regrowth. Minoxidil is the most effective solution for hair loss that prevents baldness in both men and women.

Provillus combines a stable 5% dose of Minoxidil with biotin and Pantothenic acid to promote and sustain healthy hair regrowth. This revolutionary treatment for alopecia areata consists of dietary pills and an effective topical solution that boosts hair regeneration. Long-term treatment provides you with a full head of thick, luscious hair without causing any negative consequences for your health.