Because hair loss affects the self-esteem of patients considerably, they would do almost anything to cure it. Perhaps this is the reason why not all the remedies tried were as safe and efficient as Provillus. The unknown history of alopecia mentions ground-up mice, pigeon droppings, and hippopotamus fat as cures for alopecia. Did these methods work in stimulating the regrowth of new hairs?

Strange historical facts regarding baldness

Bizarre baldness curesHippocrates – the ancient Greek physician – was affected by hair loss, so he tried his best to discover a cure for it. Thus, he mixed spices, beetroot, pigeon droppings, opium, and horseradish in an ointment that had to be applied on the scalp. Apparently, he did not accomplish any positive effects. But one of his observations were that eunuchs did not lose their head hair. However, he did not opt for castration to preserve the strands on his scalp.

When Julius Caesar noticed that his hair becomes thinner, he started the trend for combovers. But without a proper hair spray, his approach was unsuccessful. Thus, he turned to a home remedy made of bear grease, ground mice, and horse teeth. When he convinced himself that it doesn’t work, he covered his scalp with the iconic laurel wreath.

Other cures for baldness were pretty innovative, yet useless. Men and women would use toupees, powdered wigs, lead remedies, the Thermocap, and even vacuum devices that will use suction to encourage hair growth. Useless to say, these methods were inefficient and even harmful (lead poisoning resulted in the death of many patients). With Provillus, you will regain you crowning glory in a safe and healthy way.

How to cure hair loss with bizarre treatments

The first hair transplant procedure was undertaken in 1939, by a Japanese dermatologist. He pioneered the method of grafting strands from the face, scalp, eyebrows, and other parts of the body onto the hairless spots on the head. This procedure was perfected and today you can achieve natural results, but through an operation which can cause side effects, as well.

Other bizarre remedies for hair loss include fat from crocodile, ibex, and snake, semen from bulls, and cow urine. Needless to say, there weren’t any scientific evidence to support these cures. If you really want to stop the development of alopecia in the comfort of your home, you should order the treatment available in Provillus official store.

Why you need to use Provillus

Developed with natural ingredients and being formulated as dietary capsules and topical solution, Provillus is the best hair loss treatment. More than 90% of consumer reviews testify the efficacy and safety of this remedy. It works wonders even from the first weeks of treatment because the pills nourish the system, while the solution stimulates the regrowth of strands.

You do not need to use bizarre ingredients to eliminate the primary cause of alopecia. We have to take a look back in our history and avoid repeating these mistakes. Use the natural treatment from Provillus store and fight against baldness with the best cure available on the market!

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