Best Hair Loss Treatment

To understand the importance of a hair loss treatment, one must understand the importance of maintaining good hair is, as people of all ages express their concern with physical appearance and its appearance. Hair plays a vital role in physical appearance, especially in facial appearance. One of three men has said that at some point in his life has experienced an abnormal loss of hair.

The most common type of hair loss, affecting mainly men is known as androgenetic baldness. This process can begin early, before age 20, why is emphasized that treatment for hair loss should be initiated when the process starts balding.

Most people do not understand the process of hair loss is subject to many factors, ie the origin is multifactorial. In many cases organic conditions that may cause alopecia have little or nothing to do with hair growth.

Unfortunately, many individuals born without any scientific basis for propaganda, used as a treatment for hair loss, pharmaceuticals that are inappropriate for the type alopecia sufferers.

Minoxidil was previously presented in the pharmaceutical tablets, such as antihypertensive medication for their vasodilatory action. Many hypertensive patients suffering watching her hair fall to recover his hair, having a revitalized appearance.

This is because it vasodilatation that occurs on the scalp, making it an effective adjunct treatment for hair loss, because improving the blood circulation, increases oxygen and nutrients needed for the lifecycle of the hair follicle. The pharmaceutical industry was introduced to the market in 1980, as a lotion for the scalp of exclusive local use, 2%.

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