Having a long, shiny and beautiful hair is a dream shared by most women and many beauty tips will help them get closer to fulfilling this desire. But carried away by the fleeting impulse of enthusiasm, any woman gave up at least once to her long and shiny locks to get a cute bob hairstyle or a nice, much shorter haircut. Perhaps you did this too. You liked it, at first, but then you started to regret your decision and you would have done just about anything to turn back time and recover your beautiful, long hair. In case if you want to grow long and healthy hair faster than normally, you will find here some beauty tips that you should really consider.


Useful beauty tips to accelerate hair growth

Comb your hair with care. It is recommended to use a wide toothed comb to detangle the hair from the bottom with sensitivity. Then gradually go up, because this is the best way to avoid hair damage. Do not even think about combing your hair while it is wet. When hair is wet, it is more fragile and prone to fall down. Brushing it will also improve blood circulation in the scalp and spread the natural oils over hair, offering protection.

provillus beauty tipsAvoid pulling your hair carelessly and make sure you trim it more often. Knowing that hair grows about half an inch each month, by visiting the salon each 6-8 weeks will not make a noticeable difference in the length of your hair. But this will certainly improve the health of it! Having in mind that styling, coloring and many other reasons can make hair tips split, you should trim the hair and avoid its resplitting. Scientific studies have proved that healthy hair grows faster hence by cutting your hair regularly you will certainly accelerate hair growth.

A useful beauty tip for healthy hair is to say no to hair electronics. By using too often the dryer, iron curler and hair straightener you will reduce the strength and shine of your hair. But it appears that hair growth rate is also affected, because hair electronics produce damages to hair and broken, fragile hair will stop growing as fast as usually.

Keep your scalp healthy. Make sure you do not wash it too often – about once at three days is just enough – and use hair conditioner solely on the tips and length of your locks. Do not apply it on your scalp or on the roots of your hair because it will lead to loss of volume and your hair will become oily quite quickly.

Use hair treatments and warm oil scalp massage. Instead of spending considerable amounts of money on various hair products, use natural ingredients to improve the health of your hair and to accelerate hair growth in a natural way. Coconut oil, argan oil, pomegranate seed oil, olive oil, rosemary oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil are great choices for natural hair growth treatments. These ingredients nourish the scalp, repair follicles and stimulate the growth of hair, while the massage will improve blood flow in the scalp and the hair will grow significantly faster.

Cope with stress. Knowing that it is a factor that triggers hair fall, you should avoid stress and sleep enough to ensure the health of your hair. Stress can also reduce the hair growth rate, hence by managing stress levels you will certainly maintain your hair beautiful and healthy.

Eat your way to a long and healthy hair. A balanced and healthy diet rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and other nutrients will ensure not only your overall health, but also the health of your hair. But since hair is made of protein, you need a lot of this nutrient to make sure your hair grows long, healthy and shiny. If you are a meat eater, you certainly consume chicken, fish, poultry and beef. But eggs contain significant amounts of proteins, while beans, nuts, leafy vegetables and legumes have proteins too, so you should not neglect them either.

Consider taking supplements for hair. Because Provillus has in its powerful composition numerous nutrients that repair follicles, balance hormone levels, improve the structure and flexibility of hair and accelerate hair growth, this dietary product will prove to be more than efficient for your hair growth.

Follow these beauty tips and you will definitely achieve your dream of having long, beautiful and healthy hair. Even if you cut your hair recently, by following these advices and taking Provillus your hair will grow long faster. Your hair will become healthier and stronger due to these beauty tips and the shine and beauty of your locks will amaze everyone around you.

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