Why is my hair thinning?

This is the question that concerns numerous people, since more and more people seem to be affected by hair thinning and hair loss. Men and women from all over the world experience this problem at least once in their lives. Stress, aging, hormones and genetics are often the cause of hair thinning, but diseases, medications and lifestyle choices can also be the cause of the problem.
Provillus is one of the best ranked products that support men and women affected by hair thinning, by stopping what causes hair loss, nourishing scalp, rebuilding damaged follicles and stimulating the regrowth of healthy hair. Provillus Hair Growth Treatment contains ingredients approved by FDA and clinically proven to reactivate hair follicles and to encourage regrowth of healthy hair.
Despite the fact that men are more likely to lose their hair than women, especially due to male pattern baldness, hair loss and thinning hair are also quite common in women. Women are affected by female pattern baldness, this condition manifesting as noticeable thinning of hair on the top and crown of the scalp.
Male/female pattern baldness is caused by changes in the levels of hormones, which affect follicles. In fact, 95% of all cases of hair loss appear due to heredity. The genetically transmitted sensitivity of follicles to the hormone called Dihydrotestosterone causes follicles miniaturization, which is a progressive damage of follicles. Hair strands will grow thinner, finer, shorter and fewer in number, until some diminished follicles will be so damaged that hairs will no longer grow.
Due to various reasons, such as a great shock, stressful situations, pregnancy, menopause and aging, hormonal imbalances occur. When the levels of stress hormones are high, the production of Dihydrotestosterone increases. This chemical attaches to the hair follicles and they will no longer get the nutrients necessary for normal development and growth. Women experience a noticeable thinning of hair on top of their scalp, but men are affected by a receding hairline, their temples and even the top of their head can remain completely bald.
Hair thinning often affects the self-esteem of people who lose their hair, but they must be aware that follicles are not permanently damaged. Follicles remain alive, which means that with proper care and treatment hair will grow back again.
Apart from heredity, hormones and stress, hair thinning can also occur due to:
Physical stress – physical traumas, severe illnesses and even fever can lead to temporary hair loss. The growing cycle of hairs is interrupted and more hairs fall down in the same time, causing hair thinning. But hair usually grows back again in only a few months after the occurrence of the physical stress, because body recovers and the problem gets solved.
Dieting and poor nutrition – Excess of vitamin A, protein deficiency, sudden weight loss, iron deficiency and low calorie intake can be the cause of hair thinning in both women and men. As soon as the cause is removed or the problem is fixed, hair will grow back again, often without even requiring treatment.
Certain diseases – About 30 diseases can have hair thinning and hair loss as symptom. Anemia, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, infections, diabetes, lupus, autoimmune disease and many other illnesses can cause hair thinning and hair loss. It is important to seek the advice of a doctor, to find what causes hair thinning, to treat the problem and hair will regrow so people will recover the healthy appearance of their scalp together with their self-esteem.
Certain prescription medicines – Birth control pills, blood thinners, high-dose vitamin A, steroids and medicines that treat depression, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart problems and gout can cause hair thinning and loss of hair in women and men. If people affected by hair loss get these medicines, they should consult their doctor and change their prescription, if possible. This could be the solution to their hair thinning.
But even some hair care practices and unhealthy habits such as smoking, alcohol and drugs can trigger hair thinning. Frequent bleaching, permanents, improper use of hair sprays, using too often flat irons and blow dryers and pulling hair too tightly can also make the hair fall down, resulting in thinning hair.
Numerous manufacturers strive to support people affected by hair thinning by providing numerous supplements, solutions, pills, shampoos, treatments, conditioners, oils, gels and other various methods to repair their follicles and regain their beautiful and healthy hair.
Provillus Hair Growth Treatment is one of the best ranked products that rebuilds follicles and encourages the regrowth of healthy hair. Being doctor approved, clinically proven to be effective and safe to use and already tested by numerous happy customers, Provillus contains ingredients that nourish scalp, fight against the cause of hair thinning, balances the hormone levels, blocks the production of Dihydrotestosterone, heals follicles and promotes new hairs development.
If you notice that your hair is thinning, do not let this affect your image. Find what causes the problem and take Provillus to encourage the fast regrowth of your hair. Take Provillus Hair Growth Treatment and regain your beautiful hair!

Stop hair loss with essentials for hair growth

Many people consider that having a head full of hair, with voluminous and shiny hair strands is a blessing. The way how our hair looks reflects our overall health and, since the image is often more important than health, we put efforts in looking a beautiful as possible.
Hair plays a major role when it comes to our image and self-regard, reason why we use various hair care products and treatments that not only restore the health of our hair, but which also stimulate hair growth and fortify follicles and hair strands.
Provillus Hair Growth Treatment contains in its powerful formula effective ingredients that nourish the scalp, rebuild follicles, stimulate the regrowth of hair, stop and prevent the occurrence of hair loss and encourage the health of scalp.
As we age, our dietary needs change, our bodies require greater amounts of certain nutrients and many of our bodily processes slow down. Hair turns grey and grows slower, while many men and women experience hair loss due to aging. But even younger women and men can be affected by hair loss due to certain factors, such as diseases, hormones, stress, genes and medications.
Numerous vitamins, minerals and nutrients are essential for beautiful and healthy hair. It would be the best if these essentials would be taken from a balanced and healthy nutrition, but, due to our unhealthy lifestyles, scientists recommend us to supplement with pills in order to ensure the dietary needs.
B Vitamins, especially B7 (Biotin), B9 (Folic Acid), B6 (Pyridoxine) and B5 (Pantothenic Acid) are the best essentials that encourage the health of hair. These nutrients accelerate hair growth, reduce the signs of aging, stimulate hair growth, regulate the hormone levels, nourish the hair follicles and promote the health of scalp. These vitamins are not beneficial just for hair and hair growth, but they also help us maintain our health: Folic Acid reduces the risk of developing colon cancer, prevents birth defects, treats anemia and liver disease, Biotin supports the health of digestive tract, nerves, metabolism and cells, Pyridoxine normalize the hormone levels, alleviates the symptoms of PMS and lowers the levels of bad cholesterol in blood, while Pantothenic Acid reduces hair loss, anxiety, stress, allergies and heart problems and stimulates immunity and stimulate physical growth.
Vitamin E maintains the skin and heart healthy, but it is a nutrient essential for the health of hair. Proper levels of Vitamin E stimulate the health of the capillaries, slow down the aging process and encourage the growth of strong and healthy hair strands. If you want to obtain shinier, more lustrous and fortified hair, use supplements with Vitamin E or apply the capsules directly on your hair and you will get healthier, brighter and stronger hair after only a few uses.
Vitamin A contains great amounts of antioxidants that work to condition and moisturize the sebum, but it also stimulates a faster growth of hair. With proper amounts of Vitamin A, hair will break less often, so Vitamin A is essential for hair. The consumers should keep in mind that too high levels of Vitamin A will lead to hair loss, so a doctor should monitor the concentrations of Vitamin A when supplementing with this essential. Normally, a balanced and healthy nutrition plan ensures the proper quantities of Vitamin A required for healthy hair and for general wellbeing as well.
Vitamin C strengthens hair and accelerates growth of hair, reason why numerous hair care products contain it. It also reduces signs of aging and energize follicles, promoting and restoring the health of hair.
Magnesium helps rebuilding follicles and strengthens them as well. Hair growth can be affected by Magnesium deficiency, so there is no wonder why the manufacturers of hair care products and pills include it in the formula of their products. Magnesium helps reducing the levels of stress and stress is known for affecting how our hair looks. Hair can fall due to high levels of stress, but proper amounts of Magnesium will prevent the occurrence of hair loss.
Zinc is another essential for hair growth because it accelerates the renewal of cells. Zinc deficiency will result in hair loss, while hair will look dull and thin. Zinc help us regulate the hormone levels, support the follicles absorb the nutrients necessary and aid building healthy cells. Many products that prevent and treat hair loss contain Zinc, because it encourages regrowth of healthy and stronger hair.
Scientists have demonstrated that protein deficiency can lead to hair loss. Since hair strands consist in keratin, a protein, our bodies require appropriate amounts of protein in order to ensure the health of our hair. Protein fortifies hair and follicles and accelerates the growth of hair, reason why it is essential for healthy hair. Thinning hair may be a sign of protein deficiency, so include in your diet foods rich in protein and you will regain the health and beauty of your hair.
If you are looking for the best treatment for hair growth, Provillus is what you need. Provillus Hair Growth Treatment contains many vitamins, minerals and nutrients essential for beautiful, healthy and strong hair. Preventing and stopping hair loss, repairing damaged follicles and stimulating the regrowth of healthy hair, Provillus is one of the best ranked supplements for hair.
Provillus nourishes scalps and promotes the growth of strong, thick and voluminous hair. Being recommended by doctors and having in its formula ingredients essential for hair growth, Provillus will help the consumers fight against hair loss and benefit of optimal hair growth.

Discover the best shampoo for hair loss

Many men and women are affected by hair loss in some periods of their lives, because of numerous possible causes. The appearance of hair is important for both men and women and hair loss can seriously affect someone’s self-esteem.
Regardless if hair loss occurs because of hormonal imbalances, medical conditions or certain medications, hair loss can be successfully treated with proper treatment, a healthy nutrition plan and with appropriate solutions and hair care products.
The manufacturers of hair care products and dietary supplements for hair strive to fulfill the needs of men and women affected by hair loss, reason why there are numerous pills, sprays, shampoos, treatments, masks, conditioners, gels, oils and numerous solutions meant to deliver the results expected.
The best products for hair loss should contain in their formulas ingredients that repair the damaged follicles and hair strands, nourish the scalp, stop the hair loss, stimulate the growth of healthy hair, strengthen and fortify hairs and promote the health of scalp as well.
One of the best ingredients included in the composition of products that stop hair loss is Minoxidil. This FDA approved ingredient has been clinically proven to be effective in stopping hair loss and promoting the regrowth of healthy hair. It is widely used for treatment of hair loss in women and men and it is offers amazing results when it comes to preventing hair loss.
Provillus Hair Growth Treatment contains 5% Minoxidil – in the formula especially designed for men and 2% Minoxidil – in the formula for women. It consists in using a revitalizing shampoo with vitamins and antioxidants that nourish the scalp and repair the follicles, a volumizing conditioner that provides shine and volume to hair and a treatment that contains ingredients which encourage the regrowth of fuller and thicker hair.
Provillus Hair Growth Treatment fights against the most common cause of hair loss, Dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT. In certain conditions, due to aging, stress and genes, in some people the overproduction of DHT leads to miniaturization of follicles. This type of hair loss is called male/female pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. Hair follicles grow finer, thinner and shorter because DHT attaches to the follicles and they are prevented from getting the vitamins, minerals and nutrients required for a normal development. In the end, after the hair strands fall out, new hairs will no longer grow from the damaged follicles.
When this type of hair loss occurs, men experience a receding hairline, hairs from temples and top of their head progressively falls out after the age of 30-35s, but women are affected by a general thinning of their entire scalp after their 40-50s.
The best shampoo for hair loss should contain Minoxidil, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that nourish the scalp and help rebuilding the damaged follicles. Furthermore, the compounds included in shampoos for hair loss should stop the development of alopecia and encourage the regrowth of healthy hair.
Provillus Hair Growth Treatment contains a highly effective combination of ingredients that stop the production of Dihydrotestosterone, repair follicles and nourish the scalp, so hairs will grow stronger and healthier even on areas of scalp that are completely hairless. Provillus supports both women and men to fight again hair loss and regain the healthy and beautiful appearance of their scalp.
Besides Minoxidil, Provillus contains vitamins and minerals that replenish the health of scalp and encourage the repair of hair follicles. The hair will grow stronger, fuller, thicker and healthier and the consumers will regain their self-esteem.
If you want your hair to benefit of a whole new level of voluminous shine, Provillus Hair Growth Treatment is your best option. This remarkable solution for hair loss will get to the root of the problem, stopping the production of Dihydrotestosterone, stimulating regrowth of hair and preventing hair loss as well.
Used together with Provillus pills, this Hair Growth Treatment will make your hair look smoother and feel softer, while the overall appearance of your hair will be significantly improved. Do not let hair loss force you wear hats or wigs in order to hide it. Use Provillus Hair Growth Treatment and become the proud owner of beautiful, healthy and voluminous hair!

Affected by hair loss?

Despite the fact that most people thing hair loss is more of an overtly male disease, the truth is that almost 40 % of hair loss sufferers are women, accordingly to the American Hair Loss Association.
It is normal to lose about one hundred hairs per day, but a sudden and unexpected hair loss of more strands is a reason to be concerned. Women can lose hair due to various causes, from aging, nutrition deficiencies and certain diseases, and the manifestations can seriously harm their self-confidence.
As you probably already know, hair grows from its follicle about a half-inch every month. Each hair strand develops for almost 2-6 years, which is the active growth or anagen phase. The resting phase, also known as catagen phase, is a transitional period that lasts almost 2 weeks. In this phase, hair follicle shrinks and the hair strand is no longer nourished. The hair falls out during the telogen phase, which lasts almost 2-3 months. In this period, the follicles remain dormant, then they fall out and new hair shafts will begin to emerge. Once the telogen phase is complete, it will begin the anagen phase.
But more hair strands can enter in telogen phase at the same time, causing more hair strands to fall out. Women can be affected by hair loss or alopecia due to various reasons, including:
Hormonal factors – Dihydrotestosterone, a derivate of the male hormone called testosterone, attaches to follicles and causes the type of hair loss called androgenetic alopecia, commonly called female pattern baldness. In this type of hair loss, heredity plays a significant role; some scientific studies have shown that almost 70% of women and 95% of men affected by it inherited this condition from someone in their family tree. When this condition affects men, it is called male pattern baldness.
Dihydrotestosterone binds to receptors in scalp follicles, blocking their nutrition and causing follicles miniaturization. Hormonal imbalances due to high levels of stress, menopause, pregnancy and childbirth lead to high levels of Dihydrotestosterone, hence the hair follicles shrink, hairs grow finer, thinner and shorter, until some follicles even stop growing new hairs. In most cases, women affected by androgenetic alopecia experience a diffuse thinning of the entire area of their scalp, while men have distinct patterns of baldness.
Medical conditions – Almost 30 different medical conditions can lead to hair loss in women. Thyroid diseases, fever, ovulation problems, infections, hormone imbalances, polycystic ovary syndrome, skin diseases and disorders, lupus, diabetes, cancer, liver disease and anemia are some of the possible causes of hair loss in women. As soon as these medical conditions are treated, hair is likely to grow back again on its own. But in many cases of hair loss the cause cannot be determined and hair often grows back just as sudden and unexpected as it fell down.
Medications – Some drugs used for treating depression, cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure or for heart problems can cause hair loss in women. Steroid medications, antibiotics, birth control pills and sleeping pills can have an impact on hormone production, causing diffuse hair thinning in women.
Other causes – Weight gain or loss, low protein diets, low calorie diets, high levels of Vitamin A, hair-pulling disorder, physical or emotional shock and even bad hair care practices can lead to hair loss in women. A great change such as a sudden weight loss or a great emotional shock produces modifications in the entire body, so hormonal imbalances can make more hair strands enter in telogen phase at the same time and women will notice that their hair is falling down.
Pulling hair too tightly, taking steamy showers, using too often hot styling tools, combing or brushing wet hair, drying it aggressively with towels and wearing tight hairstyles will damage hair strands and weaken the follicles, leading to hair loss. Excessive tension on the hair follicles will harm them, appearing scars that can even destroy them permanently.
A good nutrition plan and healthy eating practices are mandatory for the overall health, not just for the health of hair and follicles. Severe hair loss is actually one of the top symptoms of anorexia, while low protein diets will also result in hair loss. Hair requires proper levels of vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids and other nutrients, so following a healthy diet will certainly improve the appearance of hair.
The good news is that all forms of hair loss caused by these factors can be treated with Provillus. This natural hair growth treatment has two different formulas, destined for women and for men, and the natural ingredients included get to the root of the problem, repair follicles, nourish scalp, block what damages hair and stimulate regrowth of healthy hair.
Do not let your hair be affected by anything. Use Provillus and enjoy the regrowth of healthy hair in a natural way!

Why is my hair falling out ?

Help! My hair is falling out!

hair problemsHair loss can occur due to various reasons. Whether it is caused by heredity, hormones, mineral deficiency or certain disease, hair loss affects both women and men, especially after their 30s. Losing about 100 hair strands per day is normal, but if you notice that you lose more hair strands when you brush your hair or that your hair is thinning, you should do something about it.

Why is your hair falling?
If your hair is falling out, you should find the cause that triggered hair loss. Seek the advice of your doctor and he will run some test in order to determine the exact source of your hair loss. Despite the fact that hormones are the cause of it in most cases, hair loss can also be caused by stress, thyroid disease, aging, hair styling products, nutrition deficiencies, low calorie diets and many other factors.

Are there more types of hair loss?

Depending on what factor triggered the hair fall, there are more types of hair loss, also known as alopecia:

  • Involutional alopecia – develops as we age. It is rather a natural condition, when hair progressively gets finer, thinner and less in number.
  • Androgenetic / androgenic alopecia – it is called male pattern baldness when men are affected and female pattern baldness when women lose their hair. It occurs due to genetics, more specifically due to the sensitivity of follicles to Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This hormone attaches to hair follicles and makes them shrink. Men experience a progressive disappearance of hairs from frontal scalp and a receding hairline after their 30-35s, while women are affected by a general thinning of the entire scalp after the age of 40 or 50 years.
  • Alopecia areata – has a sudden development and it manifests as patchy hair loss, affecting children and young adults. It could lead to alopecia totalis, the term for complete baldness, but hair grows back in most cases.
  • Alopecia universalis – manifests when all the body hair falls out. Even eyebrows, eyelashes and pubic hair falls out, not just hair from the scalp.
  • Telogen effluvium – manifests when more hairs get into the resting stage in the same time. Hair goes through three periods: active growth, resting phase and shedding stage. Telogen effluvium is only a temporary hair fall, caused by a modification in the growth cycle of hair. In most cases, stress is the cause of this kind of hair fall.
  • Trichotillomania – is more like a psychological disorder, due to fact it affects mostly children, who pull out their own hair.

Can you prevent hair loss?

A balanced nutrition plan and a healthy lifestyle are the key to a healthy body and a healthy hair. If the body is deprived by essential nutrients, hair can fall. If you get through a stressful period, you can notice that your hair is falling. Learn to deal with your levels of stress, eat properly and have a routine of exercises and you will improve, besides your overall wellbeing, the appearance of your hair.

With proper care and attention, your hair will look significantly better. Numerous homemade remedies can strengthen and increase the luster of your hair, stopping the hair loss and even preventing it. All you have to do is apply on your hair masks with ingredients that you actually have in your kitchen: egg yolk, milk, honey, olive oil, onion juice, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, avocado, yogurt, beer, sunflower oil, baking soda, bananas and many others. These ingredients have nutrients that fortify and repair the follicles, nourishing the scalp and promoting the growth of healthy and glamorous hair.

Can oral supplements stop hair loss?

Many suppliers provide oral supplements with ingredients able to prevent and stop hair loss. Provillus is one of the best seller products on market that supports men and women affected by hair loss. Containing effective ingredients that prevent and stop hair loss and which also fortify follicles and nourish the scalp, Provillus is a great hair growth treatment that will offer amazing results after only a few weeks of use.

Because the ingredients of Provillus get to the root of the problem, this oral supplement will stop the hair loss and prevent the reoccurrence of it. The hair will grow healthy, shiny and beautiful and your self-esteem will be significantly improved.

What are the ingredients of Provillus?

Provillus pills for men contain Biotin, Vitamin B6, Uva-Ursi, Muira Puama, Pumpkin Seed extract, Stinging Nettle, Saw Palmetto, Zinc, Magnesium and Eleuthero Root, while Provillus pills for women have in the composition Biotin, Vitamin B6, Horsetail Silica, Magnesium and para-Amino Benzoic Acid.

What should you do when you notice that your hair is falling?

You should improve your health. Hair reflects our overall health, meaning that having a healthy body will manifest in the health and beauty of our hair. Use homemade masks, take Provillus, follow a healthy lifestyle and you will definitely improve the health and appearance of your scalp!

7 Top Home remedies for hair growth

Hair is extremely important for our looks and self-esteem, reason why we have to provide it proper care and attention. We spend a lot of time, money and efforts to prevent shedding, thinning and breakage of hair. But did you know that you can actually improve the appearance of hair and speed up hair growth at home, using simple and effective home remedies?
Here are some ideas and remedies that will make your hair grow faster and healthier in a natural way.

  1. olive-oilEgg yolk and olive oil. Add one or two tablespoons of olive oil to one or two egg yolks, depending on the length of your hair. Obtain a mask and apply it on your wet hair for at least 15 minutes, then remove it with lukewarm water and shampoo. Egg yolk moisturizes scalp, strengthens hair and makes it soft and silky, while olive oil promotes scalp health, improves blood circulation and nourishes the follicles, producing thicker hair strands.
  2. avocadoAvocado and coconut oil. Mash half of one ripe avocado and mix it with 2 tablespoons of warm coconut oil until you obtain a creamy mask. Apply it on your hair for at least 30 minutes. If it is possible, cover your head with a plastic bag and maintain it warm, because the nutrients will be better absorbed by the skin and follicles. After that, rinse and wash as normal. Avocados promote hair growth, they contain high amounts of Vitamin B and E that strengthen, repair and protect hair strands. Coconut oil promotes hair growth and makes it healthier and way softer. Besides the fact that it improves blood circulation and moisturizes scalp, coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties, which makes it the best ingredient against dandruff.
  3. bananaBanana. Mash a ripe banana and massage it gently on your scalp and hair. Cover your head with a plastic bag and maintain the mask for at least 30 minutes to make sure that the nutrients will be absorbed. If you want, you can add one tablespoon of warm milk to make the mask creamier. After 30-45 minutes, remove it and wash your hair as normal. This mask with bananas will nourish the follicles and speed up the hair growth. The hair will become very soft, shiny and healthier.
  4. coconutandlemonjuiceCoconut oil and lemon juice. Mix one part lemon juice and two parts of coconut oil and apply this treatment on scalp and hair for at least 30-45 minutes. You can apply this mask for several hours (even overnight) and gently rinse it in the morning with cold water. Besides the fact that this treatment is a good weapon against dandruff, it will also promote hair growth and it will make hair stronger and healthier.
  5. aloe_veraAloe Vera. Rub the gel from one or two Aloe Vera leaves onto the scalp and let it sit for about 30 minutes to allow the nutrients penetrate the skin. This homemade treatment will fortify hair, accelerate hair growth and improve the appearance of your hair. Aloe Vera contains many minerals, vitamins and nutrients that nourish the scalp and repair the damaged cells, so you can be sure that your hair will look a lot better after you rinse this mask with lukewarm water.
  6. onion-juiceOnion juice. Grate two to four red onions and squeeze the juice. Massage your scalp with it and try to ignore the smell, because the results will be outstanding. Let the treatment for about 60 minutes then wash the hair with shampoo and water. Onion juice contains sulphur, which will stimulate the production of collagen tissue required by hair to grow faster. Even more, your hair will shine amazingly.
  7. apple-cider-vinegarApple cider vinegar. You can apply it on hair as an after-wash rinse. You can mix it with water and use it as a final rinse every time when you wash your hair with shampoo. If you are concerned about its smell, you can add a few drops of lavender oil or rosemary oil and, apart from the fact that your hair will be healthier and softer, it will also grow faster and stronger. Apple cider vinegar stimulates hair follicles and accelerates hair growth, giving your hair more shine.

You can use any of these home remedies for hair growth once or twice per week and your hair will grow significantly faster. If you want to encourage hair growth, consider taking Provillus, an amazing treatment that prevents hair from falling, stops hair loss and fortifies hair strands and follicles.

Take Provillus even when you try these remedies that speed up hair growth at home. The results will delight you and your hair will become healthier, stronger and more glamorous. You certainly do not want to have just a long hair! Take Provillus and enjoy having healthier hair!

Best vitamins for hair growth

We all want to have a good health that will reflect in beautiful and shiny hair. But pollution, stress, heredity, unhealthy eating habits and numerous other factors affect not only our overall health, but also the way how our hair looks. It is true that we all wish to have a perfect hairstyle and wonderful hair, but how can we achieve it? Is there anything to make our hair grow faster? Read further and discover what promotes the health of hair and what are the best vitamins for hair growth.
vitaminsBiotin or Vitamin B7 is one of the best nutrients that promote health of hair. Biotin deficiency can lead to hair thinning, reason why numerous products, oral supplements and topical treatments for hair include in their formula biotin. Besides the fact that biotin promotes and accelerates hair growth this vitamin also supports the health of nerves, skin, digestive tract, cells and metabolism. Salmon, chicken, wheat germ, eggs, dairy products, Swiss chard and nuts are natural sources of biotin.
Folic acid or Vitamin B9 is a vitamin known for its benefits on our health. Preventing birth defects, reducing the risk of developing colon cancer, pancreatic cancer and stomach cancer and being used for treating anemia and liver disease, folic acid also reduces signs of aging, prevents graying and stimulates hair growth. Good natural sources of folic acid are asparagus, spinach, black beans, broccoli, turnip greens, kidney beans, lentils, pinto beans, romaine lettuce, cauliflower, parsley and many others.
Vitamin B6, also known as Pyridoxine, can be found in beans, cereals, liver, eggs, chicken, beef, spinach, banana, potatoes, salmon, tuna, sunflower seeds, turkey, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, garlic, bell peppers, bok choy, kale, carrots, tomatoes, onions, pineapples, cantaloupe, shrimp and many others. Apart from treating anemia, alleviating symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and reducing levels of bad cholesterol in blood, Vitamin B6 also regulates the hormone levels and stimulates hair regrowth. During some clinical studies, injections with Vitamin B6 proved its efficiency in improving hair condition and helping minimising hair loss in women.
Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is an important antioxidant that stimulates the immune system, but it is also included in the composition of numerous hair care products because it helps growth and strengthens hair. Vitamin C energizes hair follicles and delays the signs of aging, reason why it is a significant nutrient for hair growth. Many herbs, vegetables, fruits and other food items are important sources of Vitamin C: papaya, strawberries, bell peppers, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, pineapple, kiwifruit, oranges, cauliflower, cantaloupe, chili peppers, kale, mango, etc.
Although excessive Vitamin A can lead to hair loss, this does not mean that it should be completely removed from diet plan. The truth is that proper amounts of Vitamin A will keep your hair shiny and black. Being an antioxidant, it moisturizes the scalp and it will prevent your hair from drying out. Because it thickens and strengthens the hair, Vitamin A plays an important role in hair growth. Natural sources of Vitamin A are liver, egg yolk, carrots, potatoes, milk, mango, spinach, dried apricots, kale, squash, tuna, cantaloupe, papaya, etc.
Vitamin E keeps hair shinny and it prevents it from drying out. Vitamin E promotes blood circulation and maintains the scalp healthy, but this vitamin is also beneficial for the health of reproductive system and for immune system. Strengthening the capillary walls, nourishing the cells and speeding up cell regeneration, Vitamin E is certainly a nutrient that improves the appearance and health of hair.
Many supplements and hair care products contain proper amounts of the best vitamins required for a healthy and beautiful hair. Provillus is a hair growth treatment with ingredients that fight against hair thinning and promote healthy regrowth of hair. Having two different formulas for men and for women, Provillus prevents hair loss, nourishes the follicles and repairs the damaged cells, so the hair will grow healthy and shinny again.
If you are concerned regarding the proper amounts of vitamins required for a healthy hair, you should know that a balanced and healthy nutrition plan will ensure the necessary levels of nutrients and vitamins. Consult your doctor if you notice that your hair is thinning and consider Provillus to stop hair fall and strengthen the hair follicles.
Getting enough amounts of vitamins for hair growth will also ensure your overall wellbeing. All of the vitamins mentioned above improve the general health and provide the nutrients required for a healthy body. But you do not have to take excessive amounts of vitamins to make sure that you will benefit of an optimal hair growth.
Make sure that you are not running a deficit, rather than taking too much amounts of vitamins. A balanced diet with a range of foods will provide the minerals, vitamins and nutrients essential for a healthy hair and body, while Provillus will strengthen hair strands and encourage regrowth of healthy hair.

Female Thinning Hair Remedies

Female Thinning Hair Remedies

Men are not the only ones who experience hair thinning. Women also experience this unpleasant occurrence and there are usually not many effective ways of fighting it. Seeing that your hair is losing its health can be discouraging for both sexes, but there is a method of getting rid of this problem without the need to call for surgery or other painful and expensive ways.

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