Why magnesium should be found in every hair loss product

A recent medical study performed to discover the effects of nutritional deficiency has revealed that one of the reasons for baldness is the lack of magnesium. This mineral is essential for human health, and it regulates most of the internal processes in your body, including hair production. Therefore, it is no doubt that magnesium should be found in every hair loss product.

Provillus has magnesium

Magnesium gets rid of dryness

Mineral deficiency is one of the leading causes of hair damage. If you lack essential nutrients like magnesium, your threads become dry and flaky. This mineral is vital for the proper absorption of other vitamins and chemical elements like zinc, calcium and ascorbic acid. Without these crucial ingredients, you suffer health disorders like slow blood circulation, skin eruptions, and hair loss.

You can quickly supply your body with the necessary amount of magnesium for healthy, luscious hair by using Provillus on a daily basis. This treatment for baldness consists of dietary supplement pills and a topical solution that you apply on your scalp to enhance the growth of thicker, more radiant curls.

Magnesium enhances hair color

Hair discoloration is a sign of mineral deficiency. Growing gray is more than just a genetic mishap; it is also a sign that your body needs proper nutrients to restore color to your threads. To reverse this process, you need to add more magnesium to your daily supplement intake.

In this regard, your best choice would be to take two Provillus pills per day. These capsules are packed with magnesium and other essential vitamins and minerals that improve your health and sustain a healthy coloration of your mane.

Magnesium delays aging signs

Aging means that you have to leave plenty of your youthful features behind you. However, a full head of thick, luscious hair should not be one of them. Even if your skin is changing texture and your joints are not as flexible as they used to be, you can still keep your crown of pretty, shiny curls long into your retirement years.

Use the Provillus lotion for hair loss to improve the health of your hair naturally. This remedy for alopecia areata prevents your follicles from dying and maintains their high standards of hair production. Apply it to your scalp daily to grow a silky, abundant mane in just a few weeks.

Magnesium boosts hair growth

Magnesium deficiency may also result from intense periods of stress. Even if your nutritional plan includes many foods rich in this mineral, your body can still block its absorption if you are under pressure for too long.

With Provillus you can replenish the lack of magnesium in your body quick and easy. This dietary supplement uses a unique mix of organic ingredients that are readily assimilated by your body even during extended periods of mental pressure. Take two capsules per day to relieve stress and boost hair growth naturally. A surplus of magnesium will also cure eventual scalp itches and help follicle regeneration in the bald spots on your head.

How to use Provillus: The only guide you need

Balding affects more than the appearance of the scalp. It damages the self-esteem and triggers anxiety among those who will lose their head hair. Although numerous treatments and products claim to bring you back the crown of splendor, these ointments and pills could harm your health and lead to many unwanted effects. But if you purchase Provillus from the official website, you will recover the beauty and health of your hair.

Everything you need to know about Provillus

How to use provillusAn experienced team of scientists and doctors have developed this formula using the latest technology and considering the ancient wisdom. Thus, the most potent medicinal herbs were carefully selected and combined, then processed with the most recent technology. They obtained Provillus capsules and topical solution, a complete system that will fight against hair loss from inside out.

If the dietary pills strengthen and nourish the entire system, encouraging the growth of new strands, the solution will work locally, to stop the primary cause of alopecia, and repair the damaged follicles. The vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts from the capsules will accelerate the hair growth rate, while the Minoxidil included in the solution’s formula will widen follicles, and stimulate it to produce a thicker strand.

How to use the pills and solution

You should use Provillus even from the first signs of balding. Although it is normal to shed about 100 strands per day, when this number is exceeded, you ought to take action. Take 2 capsules per day during meals, with some water, and apply the solution on your scalp regularly. But remember that hair grows at a rate of 0.5 inches per month, so it will take a while until you enjoy the first effects.

Based on over 90% of Provillus consumer reviews, you will need to take these dietary pills for 2 months until fine strands will be noticeable on your scalp. But after approximately 5-6 months of treatment, your hair will grow thicker, stronger, and shinier. The hair loss will stop, and you will succeed to prevent the further shedding.

A complete guide to regrow hair

Follow a healthy lifestyle to improve your overall health, and eliminate naturally the causes of alopecia. Keep stress under control and eat your way to healthy hair. Foods rich in proteins, carbohydrates, and omega-3 fats will work wonders. Your strands will grow stronger, healthier, and more beautiful if you also use Provillus while adopting adequate eating habits.

This dietary supplement will not disappoint you. Its natural and safe ingredients will get to the root of the problem and minimize loss of hairs. Furthermore, it will nourish scalp, repair follicles, and stimulate the production of new strands. If you are not satisfied with the results accomplished, you will get a full refund, considering you benefit of a 90-day money back guarantee.

Get your free trial from Provillus store and this treatment will be delivered with a complete guide to stopping balding, and regrowing hair. Use this powerful remedy accordingly to instructions, and convince yourself that Provillus is the only treatment you need!

The most dangerous threat to the hair health

If the appearance of your hair is damaged, with strands that are fragile and dry, you can eliminate these symptoms and regrow beautiful hairs with Provillus. This natural treatment will stop the development of alopecia efficiently and eliminate the primary causes of this problem. Here is everything you need to know about hair health and the most dangerous threats to it.

Factors that will threaten your scalp

Threat to the hair healthYour general well-being relies on fit lifestyle and balanced nutrition. When you do not consume the foods and nutrients that your scalp needs, strands will look lifeless and dull. Follicles will not receive the supplies required so that they will produce thinner and fewer hairs. But not only poor nutrition will alter your hair health. Hormone imbalances, aging, genes, stress, sleep deprivation, and certain medications can lead to hair loss.

Are you on drugs? As studies proved for numerous times, prescribed medicines for acne, cholesterol lowering pills, blood thinners, and medications for depression will affect the hair growth rate and lead to alopecia. If you take prescribed drugs, and the treatment causes this side effect, ask your doctor to replace it with a similar alternative that will not damage the appearance of your scalp.

Stress is one of the most dangerous enemies of your looks. When you are under pressure, cortisol levels increase, triggering the enhanced production of Dihydrotestosterone. This chemical will attach to your follicles and prevent them from getting the minerals and vitamins from the bloodstream. Alopecia will become more visible each day, but a potent cure like Provillus can combat this problem and banish its unpleasant symptoms.

Improve hair health with Provillus

Even from the beginning of the treatment, the follicles will be fortified, and strands will grow stronger, and faster. The natural and safe ingredients from Provillus formula will be transported to the area affected so that the primary cause of alopecia will be removed. Because the nutrients from this dietary supplement will nourish each cell and follicle, strands will start growing even on bald spots on your scalp.

Those who aim to accomplish the best results must take the pills and apply the solution regularly for at least 4-6 months. Healing takes time and hairs grow approximately 0.5 inches per month. There’s a part of the hair that we do not see at the surface of the scalp. Thus, it will take a while until Provillus delivers the effects desired.

You can improve the growth and health of hair with Provillus. If the capsules work on the inside and strengthen your body, the topical solution will repair follicles and stimulate them to produce new strands. By using these products as instructed, you will not experience any dangerous side effects. Moreover, you will enhance your general wellness and fortify the immune response. This way you will succeed to eliminate any potential threats to your scalp wellness.

Order your treatment from Provillus store, located on the official website, and it will be delivered to your address within several days. Together with full instructions, you will also receive a solid money-back guarantee. Get your free trial and grow healthier hairs with Provillus!

How to regrow hair at home – Are prescribed drugs efficient?

Even since ancient times, humans knew how to blend herbs to improve their wellness and eliminate various diseases. Even non-threating issues such as hair loss can be removed and combated with medicinal plants. Provillus is a highly efficient treatment manufactured with natural ingredients that African tribes and Egyptians used to combat alopecia and improve the appearance of hair. Here is everything you need to know about prescribed drugs for balding and how to stimulate hair growth at home.

How safe are prescribed drugs?

Hair loss and how to regrowMany people ignore the first signs of shedding and request the assistance of their doctor when balding is already noticeable. Your GP will run some tests first, to determine the exact cause of the problem. However, in over 90% of all hair loss cases, the culprit is a combination of genes and hormones. Certain individuals inherit a sensitivity to the male hormone Dihydrotestosterone, a chemical which will attach to follicles and prevent them from receiving nutrients from blood. As a consequence, hairs will grow shorter, thinner, and finer. Even worse, some follicles will remain dormant and stop producing any strands.

Finasteride and Minoxidil are among the most common prescribed drugs for hair loss. While Finasteride is known for dealing with alopecia and slowing its development, this active ingredient also triggers the occurrence of unwanted side effects: dizziness, chills, confusion, cold sweats, itchy skin, welts, breast enlargement, rapid weight gain, and bloating of face, arms, and legs. On the other hand, Minoxidil is available even without a prescription, in the form of Provillus. This active compound was added to the formula of the topical solution, and you have to apply it regularly on the scalp to hinder balding and regrow new strands.

Efficiently regrow hair with natural ingredients

The manufacturers of Provillus have combined the power of nature with the most recent technology. They obtained a topical solution and dietary capsules that will deal with alopecia from inside out. If the solution will repair follicles and encourage the development of stronger strands, the pills will stop the cause of shedding and nourish the scalp. As a consequence, new strands will grow even on bald spots, and you will regain your self-esteem soon after starting the treatment with Provillus.

Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle, Uva-Ursi, and Muira Puama P are only some of the medicinal herbs that our ancestors used to cure hair loss. These compounds are now included in the composition of Provillus pills, and they will efficiently work together to promote the development of new hairs on your scalp. This remedy is available on the official website, and the good news is that you do not need a medical prescription to get it.

Based on over 90% of consumer reviews, Provillus is the safest treatment for alopecia. This natural remedy will not cause any adverse effects and, moreover, it will improve the health of your scalp. Your hairs will grow thicker and shinier, the follicles will repair, and you will eliminate what causes alopecia. Use Provillus at home as recommended, and you will enjoy the benefits within weeks of treatment!

Bizarre baldness cures – The unknown history of hair loss

Because hair loss affects the self-esteem of patients considerably, they would do almost anything to cure it. Perhaps this is the reason why not all the remedies tried were as safe and efficient as Provillus. The unknown history of alopecia mentions ground-up mice, pigeon droppings, and hippopotamus fat as cures for alopecia. Did these methods work in stimulating the regrowth of new hairs?

Strange historical facts regarding baldness

Bizarre baldness curesHippocrates – the ancient Greek physician – was affected by hair loss, so he tried his best to discover a cure for it. Thus, he mixed spices, beetroot, pigeon droppings, opium, and horseradish in an ointment that had to be applied on the scalp. Apparently, he did not accomplish any positive effects. But one of his observations were that eunuchs did not lose their head hair. However, he did not opt for castration to preserve the strands on his scalp.

When Julius Caesar noticed that his hair becomes thinner, he started the trend for combovers. But without a proper hair spray, his approach was unsuccessful. Thus, he turned to a home remedy made of bear grease, ground mice, and horse teeth. When he convinced himself that it doesn’t work, he covered his scalp with the iconic laurel wreath.

Other cures for baldness were pretty innovative, yet useless. Men and women would use toupees, powdered wigs, lead remedies, the Thermocap, and even vacuum devices that will use suction to encourage hair growth. Useless to say, these methods were inefficient and even harmful (lead poisoning resulted in the death of many patients). With Provillus, you will regain you crowning glory in a safe and healthy way.

How to cure hair loss with bizarre treatments

The first hair transplant procedure was undertaken in 1939, by a Japanese dermatologist. He pioneered the method of grafting strands from the face, scalp, eyebrows, and other parts of the body onto the hairless spots on the head. This procedure was perfected and today you can achieve natural results, but through an operation which can cause side effects, as well.

Other bizarre remedies for hair loss include fat from crocodile, ibex, and snake, semen from bulls, and cow urine. Needless to say, there weren’t any scientific evidence to support these cures. If you really want to stop the development of alopecia in the comfort of your home, you should order the treatment available in Provillus official store.

Why you need to use Provillus

Developed with natural ingredients and being formulated as dietary capsules and topical solution, Provillus is the best hair loss treatment. More than 90% of consumer reviews testify the efficacy and safety of this remedy. It works wonders even from the first weeks of treatment because the pills nourish the system, while the solution stimulates the regrowth of strands.

You do not need to use bizarre ingredients to eliminate the primary cause of alopecia. We have to take a look back in our history and avoid repeating these mistakes. Use the natural treatment from Provillus store and fight against baldness with the best cure available on the market!

Bad habits you should break to stop hair loss

Our unhealthy lifestyles slowly poison our bodies. We let ourselves controlled by stress, we consume overly processed foods, and we do not perform as much exercise as we should. We harm our body, which will reflect on our organs will work. In addition to this, the appearance of our skin, nails, and hair will suffer, as well. When you notice that your hair is shedding, you should use Provillus and eliminate the bad habits that could worsen this problem.

Causes of balding: bad habits you should stop now

Stop hair lossAre you over-stressed? Stress plays a significant role in how your hair looks. When you are under stress, cortisol levels will increase. This situation will lead to the production of Dihydrotestosterone in your body, and this chemical will attach to the follicles. The roots will be damaged, and hairs will grow thinner and fewer until they will eventually fall off. But a powerful treatment such as Provillus will assist you to keep stress under control and reduce the production of DHT.

How healthy is your eating plan? The appearance of your scalp relies on proper nutrition, with plenty of proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Certain nutrients are known for stopping the development of balding and accelerating the hair growth. Biotin, Zinc, Magnesium, and many others will improve the looks of your scalp. Thus these Provillus ingredients will assist you to regain your confidence together with the health of your hair. Keep in mind to consume plenty of fruits, legumes, and veggies – it will positively reflect on the image of your hair.

Do you sleep well? Sleep deprivation will cause you dark under eye circles, puffy bags, pale skin, and even balding. Because alternations in sleep will trigger hormone fluctuations, numerous bodily process will be damaged. Furthermore, this condition will accelerate the development of alopecia in those who inherit it from their family. As a consequence, you should regulate sleep cycles to promote the wellness of follicles.

Stop the hair loss with Provillus

How much do you style your hair? Using styling products too frequently and applying hot temperature on your strands will affect their lifespan. The traction exerted when pulling and styling hair will cause a tension that will lead to breakage. When you use the hot iron on your wet strands, you will burn them. Avoid this bad habit, and use Provillus whenever you want to accelerate the hair growth rate.

Are you on prescribed medicines? Maybe your doctor did not inform you that the drugs you take could harm the follicles and cause alopecia. If you take any pills for thinning blood, depression, weight loss, or cardiovascular problems, they can result in changes in hair color, texture, and health. Your strands will become fewer, alopecia will become visible, and you will develop a reduced self-esteem.

These are several habits that could be the culprit for the image of your scalp. However, balding can be successfully combated with Provillus, this 100% natural and safe treatment for hair loss. Acquire your supply from the official website and enjoy recovering the appearance of a head full of hairs!

4 Ways Provillus can help you grow hair

4 Ways Provillus can help you grow hairMany men are convinced that if it runs in their family, they are forced to live with it. But getting bald can be prevented and even reversed with a powerful treatment such as Provillus. This natural remedy consists of a combination of dietary pills and topical solution; the ingredients included in these two products will work together to help patients regain their hair and stop the further loss of strands. Here are 4 ways how this potent cure will improve the quality of your life.

How can this remedy help you?

  • 1. Provillus will go to the root of the problem. A myriad of factors could trigger hair shedding: aging, stress, hormones, certain diseases and even the medications prescribed for your health issues. But the compounds included in this product’s formula will address to the exact cause of alopecia and combat its effects. The symptoms are removed and follicles repaired. Thus, your hair will grow back again, stronger and healthier.
  • 2. Provillus will deal with alopecia from inside out. Because the systemic treatment is used internally and the topical product will apply on the scalp, this comprehensive remedy will work both on the inside and on the outside. If the ingredients from pills will stop the hair loss and provide the nutrients required for proper development, the solution will revive follicles and accelerate the hair growth rate. In addition to this, due to the fact the ingredients are natural or plant-derived, they are 100% safe for consumers’ health.
  • 3. It will stop the loss of hair. Losing approximately 100 strands per day is normal. But when you remain with 10 or more hairs in your hand after gently pulling it, you probably have a problem and Provillus is the best solution for it. This highly efficient treatment will hinder the primary cause of alopecia and stop the production of Dihydrotestosterone, the hormone blamed for more than 95% of all hair loss cases.
  • 4. This supplement will encourage the regrowth of strands on your scalp. Many women were astounded to discover that after Provillus, their hair started to grow faster and shinier. Compounds such as Biotin, Magnesium, Urtica Dioica and Horsetail Silica work wonders when it comes to repairing the damaged follicles and stimulating the production of new strands.

Why you need to take Provillus

The patients should not ignore the psychological effects that occur when getting bald. When you observe that you lose the strands on the side of your head, and more hairs fall each day, you should order the best treatment from Provillus store.

Purchase this natural and safe remedy from the official website, and it will be delivered together with a solid money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the results achieved, you can get a refund. But these 4 ways how this supplement will help you will convince you that Provillus is the best hair loss cure available on the market. Get your free trial from the official representative and make your dreams come true!

Before and after Provillus – Why should you use it?

Our appearance can certainly affect our self-esteem. The loss of hair is one of the worst things that could happen to both men and women. The emotional aspects of this problem go beyond confidence – it can trigger negative thoughts, anxiety problems, and even depression. But the highly efficient hair loss treatment from Provillus store will assist you to regain your self-respect together with the beauty of your scalp.

Before and after the best hair loss treatment

When we notice that we lose more hairs each day, it will increase our insecurity. We need to eliminate what causes our hair to fall and help follicles produce new strands. Provillus is one of the most efficient remedies for hair loss and has two different formulas, developed for women and men. Because it is composed of a dietary supplement and a topical solution, it will address the primary cause of alopecia from inside out.

Before and after

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Fight against hair loss naturally

All surveys that targeted attractiveness in women and men showed that 90% of individuals prefer those who have a beautiful scalp, full of healthy hairs. The truth is that people do not even appreciate their hair until they lose it and start to regret its absence. Hair loss affects a significant percentage of men and women under various circumstances, sometimes without a known cause. But when it happens you have to know how to fight against this problem and regain your confidence together with the appearance of a thick head of hair.

Use proper weapons for this fight

You may address to this problem through many different ways. Some people opt for prescribed pills, while others prefer natural remedies. Nonetheless, almost 15% of those affected by hair loss will undergo cosmetic procedures to restore the beauty of a scalp full of hairs. Yet if you wish to stop what causes the problem, you must find the reason why your hair is falling.

Whether it is hormones, a major stress, pregnancy, autoimmune disorders or nutritional deficiency, a doctor will help you to respond this question and he will recommend you the best treatment for your needs. Discuss the details and decide together if you should take prescribed medicines. Will these pills do more good than harm? Do not neglect the fact that these drugs can cause a series of side effects – and the outcome might disappoint you.

Natural ingredients

Use our ancestors’ wisdom and rely on the miraculous effects of plants. Herbal extracts can provide amazing benefits if you use them regularly and do not forget to apply them on your scalp. Jojoba oil and capsicum are probably the best ingredients that stop the hair loss in both women and men. These ingredients stimulate the blood circulation to the scalp, nourish follicles and promote regrowth of hairs.

Numerous other natural ingredients are efficient in enhancing the health of hairs and stopping the hair loss. Horsetail Silica and herbs rich in Vitamin B6, Biotin and Magnesium can prevent the loss of hairs and strengthen the hair follicles without causing negative side effects. In fact, these compounds were included in the composition of Provillus, this potent health supplement renowned for fighting against hair loss naturally.

Stop the hair loss

It is depressing to notice each day more hairs fallen on your pillow or under the shower. Your self-esteem diminishes with each hair strand you lose, but you can regain your confidence in a simple way, by using homemade remedies for hair loss. Apply onion juice, licorice root, fenugreek, aloe Vera, garlic or capsicum, in various combinations, on your scalp. These natural ingredients will counteract what causes your hair to fall and they will also nourish follicles, to start growing new hairs.

If you find it hard to apply these natural treatments on a regular basis, you know you can solve this problem by using Provillus. Use the pills and solution for several months in a row and you will accomplish significant results in the comfort of your home. Stop the hair loss with Provillus and regain the health of your scalp naturally!

Hair loss after pregnancy

Postpartum hair loss occurs in women who gave birth recently. Although the miracle al giving birth brings numerous satisfactions, it also comes with a shedding of hairs from temples or other parts of the scalp. In most of the cases, hair starts growing back within one or two month, without having to follow a particular treatment. However, many new mothers can deal with hair loss for several years and they will never regain the gorgeous appearance of a scalp full of hairs.

Hormones and pregnancy

Studies show that about 90% of all hairs grow at one time and the other 10% enter in resting phase. After this stage, hairs will fall to leave other hairs grow from the follicles. Yet in telogen effluvium, this condition that appears several months after pregnancy, a greater number of hairs will enter in resting phase and shed suddenly.

It is because of the hormones produced during pregnancy. Estrogen levels are increased, causing the prolongation of the growing stage. Less hair will fall during pregnancy and future moms observe that their hair is more appealing, with more luxurious tresses. But once they give birth, estrogen levels fall back to normal and women will experience a sudden hair loss. In addition to this, they might experience some nutrient deficiency, because they breastfeed and it will have negative consequences on hair follicles.

During pregnancy, hairs did not fall as usually. But after birth things go back to normal and hairs will shed. Postpartum hair loss occurs after 3 or even 6 months after giving birth, so many patients believe that breastfeeding plays a major role in this type of hair loss. However, studies proved that hormones are the major culprit of telogen effluvium.

Things to do in case of postpartum hair loss

About 3-4 months after pregnancy 60% of your hair that is in the growing phase will enter in the telogen stage – it will stop growing and eventually fall. It is because hair rejuvenates and follicles will start producing new strands. However, not all women will recover the look of a scalp full of thick hairs. Some of them will struggle to regain their hairs without success. To promote the regrowth of hairs they should be taking some vitamins and minerals supplements together with Provillus, this dietary product that will stimulate blood flow to the capillaries and fortify follicles.

Because it is produced with natural ingredients extracted from herbs, Provillus can be taken even by women who breastfeed. However, you should consult your doctor before actually taking them. Everything you consume or ingest will pass through your blood and the milk you give to your baby, so you should get advice from your health care provider before taking any pills, not just Provillus.

You can also use homemade remedies if you experienced postpartum hair loss and you wish to grow back a scalp full of healthy strands. Apply honey, capsicum, olive oil, castor oil, onion juice, aloe vera, rosemary essential oil and jojoba oil if you want to nourish follicles and encourage the natural growth of beautiful locks. Take care of your scalp and you will certainly get over hair loss after pregnancy!