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Growing and shedding are normal stages in hair growth cycle. The average human scalp has approximately 100,000–150,000 hairs and 10% of it is in the resting phase. After that threads will fall and they will be replaced by new strands. However, certain factors can interfere in this growth cycle and cause noticeable hair loss in men and women. Get your treatment from Provillus store and fight against alopecia with the best hair growth system!

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Common causes of balding – also known as alopecia – are hormones, stress, aging, excessive styling, prescribed medications, weight loss, nutrient deficiencies and autoimmune diseases. Despite of what affects the health of follicles and even though it is written in your DNA, you can stop the development of alopecia with the hair recovery system purchased from Provillus store.

Containing potent ingredients extracted from nature and which were purified using the latest technology, Provillus products are your best ally to defeat balding. The capsules and solution will work together to stop alopecia, nourish scalp and repair follicles so that new strands will start growing again. Whether you inherited this condition or you lost your beautiful hair due to prescribed drugs, this 100% natural hair growth system will assist you to regain your self-esteem together with the health of your scalp.

It is not a solution you will find in traditional stores. Provillus cannot be purchased from Amazon or Walmart. Despite all these, by getting it from the official website you will be certain that you will avoid copy cats. Furthermore, this kit comes with a 90-days money back guarantee so, if you are not happy with the results accomplished, all you have to do is request a refund.

Official Provillus representative

Search online for hair loss solutions and it will return millions of results. Creams, solutions, pills, capsules, implants, surgery and even tattooing are some of the methods you could opt for if you wish to encourage hair regrowth on your scalp. But if you aim to eliminate this unpleasant symptom with a product that is 100% safe for your health, you ought to purchase your treatment from the official Provillus representative.

This natural treatment is manufactured with the right amounts of nutrients to revive follicles, intensify blood circulation to the scalp and nourish roots. As a consequence, strands will grow faster and healthier, assisting the consumers to recover their self-esteem. The psychological effects of balding should not be neglected, as this issue often triggers episodes of anxiety and depression.

Order your supply from the official store and your product will be delivered as soon as possible. Take two capsules per day and use the topical solution as instructed. The first signs of regrowth will occur within a few months: the bald spots will be covered by new strands and your scalp will appear considerably thicker. 90% of consumer reviews were satisfied with their purchase as they succeeded to remove their symptoms in less than 6 months of administration. Buy Provillus from your favorite store and regain the appearance of a scalp full of healthy hairs!

Hair loss and menopause – Get your treatment from Provillus store

Hair grows in stages. If sometimes it seems to rapidly grow, after a few months numerous hair strands fall and it can bring the sufferer close to the edge. The appearance of your scalp is less appealing, hair loses its shine, threads are all over and you start wondering whether what you experience is normal or not. During menopause the hair loss lasts considerably longer than the growing stage. Why does it happen and where can you find the best cure for this unpleasant problem?

Hormones, menopause and hair loss

Numerous factors are linked to cause hair loss in women. Medicines, nutrient deprivation and hormone imbalances are often to blame. However, when they reach menopause in their 40s-50s, the hormonal fluctuations cause havoc in women’s bodies. The production of the hormone Estrogen is reduced, the levels of Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone are increased and changes will start to occur. But in Provillus store you will discover the best treatment for baldness due to loss due to menopause- get your treatment from Provillus store

The most noticeable problem that appears in this period is the loss of hair. Dihydrotestosterone will attach to follicles and it will trigger the shedding of strands. Because the ingredients from Provillus Hair Recovery System are 100% natural and efficient, the sufferers of alopecia will succeed to stop the hair loss and regain the appearance of beautiful and shiny locks.

You can purchase this health supplement from Provillus store, on the official website. Although many other dietary supplements and herbal medicines can be bought from drugstores and shops such as Amazon and Walmart, the treatment you will get here will not address to alopecia’s both cause and effects. Provillus consists in a combination of dietary pills and topical solution that ensure the best results. This potent remedy will balance the hormone levels, reduce the impact of DHT and replenish the health of follicles naturally.

Get your free trial from Provillus store

Though it is not a traditional shop, Provillus store is the best place to purchase your genuine treatment for baldness. Acquire your 6 month supply from the official website and you will not waste your money on a copycat. The results expected will appear within months of treatment and hair will grow back again without having to use chemical drugs or prescribed medicines that also come with unpleasant side effects.

The product you will buy from the online shop will combat hair fall from inside and outside. The pills nourish the system, reduce the production of DHT and accelerate the hair growth rate. On the other hand, Provillus topical solution will revive the follicles affected by high DHT levels and stimulate the growth of new strands in an efficient and risk-free way.

Women affected by alopecia due to menopause should use Provillus to regain their self-esteem and healthy look of their locks. This cure ensures 90 days money back guarantee, it offers 100% customer satisfaction and it’s efficacy is testified by scientific. Request your trial from the Provillus store on the official website and you will see with your own eyes how hair loss is stopped, prevented and reversed!

How to grow hair faster

Although hair grows, on average, about half an inch in a month, there are many women who believe their hair grows a lot slower. They would do almost anything to make their hair grow faster but they should keep in mind that many factors can have an impact on the health and appearance of our hair. Hair care, diet, the general well-being, stress and massage can have a negative or positive effect on the hair growth rate. If you want to know how to grow hair faster and achieve longer, healthier and more beautiful hair naturally, read further and you will find everything you need to know.

Are there any natural remedies to help you grow hair faster?

provillus grow hair fasterBy having a healthy and balanced nutrition with plenty of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids you can make your hair grow faster. Food items rich in selenium, calcium, zinc, copper, iron, magnesium, vitamins A, B, C and E and many other nutrients will help you fulfill your dream because they nourish hair and scalp and stimulate follicles to grow hair faster. By having a diet with various healthy foods like cheese, milk, chicken, yogurt, eggs, bell peppers, broccoli, avocado, grapefruit, cabbage, walnuts, fish, olive oil, beans, whole grains, carrots and spinach you can actually accelerate hair growth rate and they will help you achieve the beautiful locks you long to have.

Massage is important too and many natural remedies can stimulate hair growth in a natural and healthy way. Castor oil, almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil and essential oils of peppermint, rosemary, lavender, thyme and eucalyptus have amazing effects on hair if they are applied once or twice per week. Massage your scalp with these ingredients for 3-5 minutes and you will enhance the blood circulation, nourish the follicles, improve the quality of hairs and accelerate hair growth rate naturally. Leave the oils on your hair for half an hour, then shampoo and wash your hair as normal.

Hair care practices are essential for your hair because they can affect it and you will lower your chances to grow hair faster. By using too many cosmetic products, perming, dyeing and bleaching too often and combing hair excessively will damage your hair and follicles. Hairs will have split ends, meaning that a haircut is mandatory. Trimming your hair on a regular basis, once at three months will help you maintain your hair healthy and stimulate its growth naturally.

The best treatment to grow hair faster

When it comes to your hair, keep in mind that with health comes length. You can succeed to grow hair faster by taking dietary supplements like Provillus. This natural treatment has two different formulas because it addresses to the special requirements of women and of men. Provillus includes a systemic treatment and a topical treatment which, if taken together, will deliver outstanding results in stopping the hair loss, nourishing scalp, repairing follicles, fortifying hairs, delaying signs of aging and helping hair grow faster.

Provillus Hair Growth Treatment is not destined only for those who are affected by hair loss, because this product can be taken too when the consumers wish to replenish the health of their hair and accelerate hair growth rate. This powerful treatment is made of natural ingredients, herbal extracts of medicinal herbs, vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids and other nutrients that nourish scalp and hair and improve its health and appearance. Being highly efficient, safe and secure for the health of patients and delivering outstanding results in only a few months of treatment, Provillus is one of the best dietary supplements to grow hair faster.

Eat healthy, trim your hair regularly, massage your scalp and handle your hair with care, because these are the best things that will help you grow hair faster. Take Provillus Hair Growth Treatment and improve the appearance and length of your hair in a natural and healthy way!

Treat alopecia with natural treatment

Hair loss, with the medical term alopecia, occurs when people lose more than 100 hair strands per day. Almost anyone can be affected by this condition which can appear because of aging, stress, medical illnesses, medications, hormones, genes and many other different factors. But the most common type of alopecia is androgenetic alopecia, known as male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. However, regardless of what type of hair loss affects your appearance and self-esteem, you can treat it with the best natural treatment – Provillus.

Use Provillus to treat alopecia naturally

provillus treat alopeciaProvillus Hair Growth Treatment is a powerful product with two different formulas, developed for women and for men. Having natural and highly efficient ingredients and consisting in a combination of dietary pills and topical solution, Provillus treats the root cause of hair loss and fights against it from inside out. If you want to properly treat alopecia, stop the hair loss and start getting your hair back, you should use Provillus.

According to numerous scientific studies, the most frequent cause of hair loss in men and women is a combination of genes and the hormone called Dihydrotestosterone. They trigger male/female pattern baldness and statistics show that more and more people are affected by it. Men affected by this type of hair loss lose the hair over their temples and crown, getting a horseshoe pattern on their scalp, while women experience a general thinning of the hair on their scalp and, unlike men, they do not end up with complete bald patches on their crown.

The sufferers of male and female pattern baldness can treat alopecia in a natural way by taking Provillus Hair Growth Treatment. The dietary pills have in their formula herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, proteins and nutrients that balance the hormone levels, block the overproduction of Dihydrotestosterone, nourish scalp, improve the texture of hair, repair follicles, stop the hair fall and stimulate the regrowth of healthy hairs. The topical solution has in its composition Minoxidil, which is actually the strongest weapon against hair loss. Due to these ingredients, you will treat alopecia naturally and enjoy regaining your beautiful hair sooner than you might think.

The best natural treatment for hair loss

If you want to start recovering your self-esteem and regrow the hair on your scalp in a natural and safe way, you should start using Provillus Hair Growth Treatment. Provillus is the best natural treatment for hair loss because it addresses to the root of the problem, it balances the hormone levels, combats the effects of Dihydrotestosterone and rebuilds the follicles affected. Due to the ingredients included in this treatment, hair loss will be stopped, hair thinning will be eliminated and people will treat alopecia without experiencing any unwanted side effects.

Only somebody whose image was affected by hair loss understands how it can ruin somebody’s self-esteem. They will try to hide and cover their scalp by any means, but it will not solve their problem. Instead, they should use the best natural treatment to stop what causes the hair to fall and regrow new and healthy hair naturally. Use Provillus Hair Growth Treatment to get your hair back. You will get amazing results and the appearance of your scalp full of healthy hairs will make you feel younger and more appealing than ever!

Hair growth treatment at home

Our looks matter a lot to us and we are often judged by the way we look. But when our hair falls, it can affect our image and the way how we see ourselves. We tend to believe that there is nothing we can do to stop it and we are afraid that we will end up complete bald. Both women and men go through this, but by using hair growth remedies and treatments we can actually reverse it and regain the beauty of a scalp full of hairs.

provillus hair growth women menProvillus is an efficient hair growth treatment that can help both women and men stop the hair loss and stimulate the regrowth of healthy hairs, offering visible results within a few weeks after starting the treatment. Provillus has two different formulas, developed for the requirements of women and of men, and is compounded of a dietary supplement, activator gel and anti-hair loss shampoo. Together, these three natural products fight against what causes hair loss and repair the follicles so new hairs will start growing again to restore the appearance of a scalp full with hair strands.

Why is Provillus the best hair growth treatment?

Hair can fall because of many different factors. Stress, aging, hormonal imbalances, genes, nutritional deficiencies, health conditions and using hair products too often can lead to hair loss, but the most common cause of hair loss is a combination of hormones and genes. Dihydrotestosterone is the hormone responsible with hair fall, because it attaches to follicles and prevents them from getting nutrients needed for normal development. As a consequence, hair will fall and this condition is known as androgenic or androgenetic alopecia.

When this type of hair loss affects women, it is referred to as female pattern baldness. In this case, hair loss starts over crown at the age of 50-60 years old and it is more like a general thinning of hair. Women do not have complete bald patches on their scalp, but their self-esteem is affected and they can become depressive. When men are affected by androgenic alopecia after the age of 30 years old or even sooner, they suffer from male pattern baldness. Their condition starts manifesting as a receding hairline, with the loss of hairs over the temples and ending up with an “M” shape on their crown.

Provillus can help both women and men fight against hair loss. No matter what causes your hair to fall, the ingredients included in the formula of Provillus Hair Growth Treatment will get to the root of the problem, nourish scalp, repair follicles, strengthen hairs, balance hormone levels, improve the health of hair and stimulate the regrowth of new and healthy hairs. Due to this powerful hair growth treatment, patients can recover their hair at home, without having to seek the doctor, nor requiring hair transplant procedures.

Despite the fact that some people choose to wear hats, wigs or hair extensions to cover the signs of hair loss, they only hide the problem. Instead of wasting their money on various products, they should get Provillus and start recovering the health of their hair. Use Provillus Hair Growth Treatment to regain the appearance of a scalp full of healthy hairs and build back your self-confidence!

Why does your hair fall?

At certain point in everyone’s life, hair loss is noticeable. It can be something temporary and without obvious results, or it can end up in complete bald patches all over the scalp. Regardless of what causes the hair fall, it can lower the self-esteem of patients and they may become anxious and depress, reason why it is important to find what causes the hair to fall and take proper treatment.

What is the most common cause of hair fall?

provillus whyFactors like stress, aging, medicines and health conditions can affect your hair, but in more than 90% of all cases, the main culprit is the combination between genes and the hormone called Dihydrotestosterone. This hormone attaches to hair follicles, preventing them from getting the nutrients required and developing normally, thus follicles shrink until hairs fall and the follicles affected remain dormant, without growing new hairs. But the scientists have discovered that by blocking the production of Dihydrotestosterone, hair thinning will be stopped and hair loss will be prevented. Hence they included powerful ingredients in the formula of Provillus, making it the best ranked supplement that fights against hair loss.

Having two different formulas, for the requirements of women and of men, Provillus treatment contains a dietary supplement, anti-hair loss shampoo and activator gel that work together to deliver the results expected. The ingredients included in the formulation of this treatment are natural and they nourish the scalp, fortify follicles, block the production of Dihydrotestosterone, stop the hair thinning and stimulate the hair growth in a healthy and natural way.

Many people decide to cut their hair, shave their head, wear wigs or cover the head, but they should start using Provillus to regrow hair and enjoy recovering a scalp full of hairs in a natural and safe way. Other people seek the advice of their doctor and start taking prescribed medications that can cause them negative side effects, but Provillus is completely safe to use and administer. Instead of wearing wigs or taking dangerous pills, you should consider taking Provillus to stop the hair fall and improve your overall health as well.

The dietary supplement and anti-hair loss shampoo are made of natural ingredients extracted from herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and other nutrients required to stop the hair thinning, prevent hair fall, nourish scalp, repair follicles, improve hair flexibility and stimulate regrowth of healthy hair naturally. Provillus activator gel has in its formula Minoxidil, a powerful compound that stops the hair fall and stimulates regrowth of new hairs. The treatment balances the hormone levels and addresses to the root cause of hair loss hence it stops and prevents hair fall in a natural and healthy way. But hair will be healthier, shinier, more flexible and sexier once the treatment is taken for several months in a row.

If you want to stop what causes your hair to fall and have more voluminous and shinier hair that also grows faster, follow the treatment with Provillus. Take it as instructed and you will get amazing results even from the first weeks of treatment.

Get more beautiful hair naturally

provillus beautiful hairHair is one of the first criteria for evaluating somebody’s appearance, so it is not a surprise anymore that we all want to have beautiful, healthy and well-groomed hair. Regardless if we are women or men, hair matters to us and we are willing to do anything to stop the hair loss and prevent the hair thinning when these unpleasant situations occur. Provillus is one of the best ways to efficiently stop the hair loss and stimulate the regrowth of healthy hair in a natural and safe way.

Any girl or woman appreciates good beauty tips, especially when they are taught how to get more beautiful hair in a natural and healthy way. If you are an admirer of long and shiny locks and you wish to stimulate the growth of your hair in a natural way, you should consider a few beauty tips.

Most useful tips for beautiful hair

You have to keep your hair well moisturized and avoid hair breakage. After shampooing your hair, about three times per week, you should apply the conditioner suited for your hair type. But do not use too much shampoo and do not shampoo twice, as it is mentioned on the shampoo bottle, because it is not necessary. Rinse with cold water, it will provide a wonderful shine and you will achieve more beautiful hair.

When your hair is wet, it is very fragile and prone to breakage. If it is possible, let it dry naturally. But try not to use the blow dryer too close or too hot and avoid brushing or combing your hair while it is wet, because the ends will split and your hair might fall down.

Heat style less often. If you use too often curling iron or hair straighteners, your hair will be damaged, ends will split and it will become unhealthy. Use solutions that protect your hair from heat before using these devices, but make sure you do not burn your hair by using them too often.

If between shampoos your hair looks greasy and demands using shampoo more often, you can opt for dry shampoos. They cut the grease, plump up strands and help your hair look amazing for the entire day, but the next day it will not look so pretty and you will definitely have to wash it with your normal shampoo. However, dry shampoos are a great tool if you have to look amazing and attain more beautiful hair within minutes, so make sure you have one to get ready in a blink of an eye.

When you have a bad hair day and frizz annoys you, you should know that dry hair that is frizzy will remain frizzy until you moist it again. Yet instead of washing your hair as soon as possible, you can use a little the iron to make luscious waves, you can just back comb it and wear it with a huge volume or you can just use dry shampoo and play with your fuzzy hair. Regardless of what you choose, you will definitely get more beautiful hair.

If it is quite windy outside or if it rains and you forgot your hair band or hair tie at home, here is what you can do: simply braid all your hair and then use a comb to gently tease the ends. This way you will maintain your look and wind will not make you and your hair look like some wild creature.

If you are healthy, then your hair is healthy. Take supplements to improve your health and ensure the strength, flexibility and shine of your hair. Provillus dietary pills contain in their formula vitamins, proteins and many other nutrients required for healthy hair. Because this treatment stops the hair loss, stimulates hair growth, repairs follicles, nourishes scalp and improves the health of hair, Provillus is sure to help women and men achieve more beautiful hair in a natural and safe way.

Follow these useful tips and you will make a great impression, because your hairstyle will be more than wonderful. Take proper care of your hair, use Provillus to strengthen its health and you will certainly get more beautiful hair in a natural way.

Beauty tips for long and healthy hair

Having a long, shiny and beautiful hair is a dream shared by most women and many beauty tips will help them get closer to fulfilling this desire. But carried away by the fleeting impulse of enthusiasm, any woman gave up at least once to her long and shiny locks to get a cute bob hairstyle or a nice, much shorter haircut. Perhaps you did this too. You liked it, at first, but then you started to regret your decision and you would have done just about anything to turn back time and recover your beautiful, long hair. In case if you want to grow long and healthy hair faster than normally, you will find here some beauty tips that you should really consider.


Useful beauty tips to accelerate hair growth

Comb your hair with care. It is recommended to use a wide toothed comb to detangle the hair from the bottom with sensitivity. Then gradually go up, because this is the best way to avoid hair damage. Do not even think about combing your hair while it is wet. When hair is wet, it is more fragile and prone to fall down. Brushing it will also improve blood circulation in the scalp and spread the natural oils over hair, offering protection.

provillus beauty tipsAvoid pulling your hair carelessly and make sure you trim it more often. Knowing that hair grows about half an inch each month, by visiting the salon each 6-8 weeks will not make a noticeable difference in the length of your hair. But this will certainly improve the health of it! Having in mind that styling, coloring and many other reasons can make hair tips split, you should trim the hair and avoid its resplitting. Scientific studies have proved that healthy hair grows faster hence by cutting your hair regularly you will certainly accelerate hair growth.

A useful beauty tip for healthy hair is to say no to hair electronics. By using too often the dryer, iron curler and hair straightener you will reduce the strength and shine of your hair. But it appears that hair growth rate is also affected, because hair electronics produce damages to hair and broken, fragile hair will stop growing as fast as usually.

Keep your scalp healthy. Make sure you do not wash it too often – about once at three days is just enough – and use hair conditioner solely on the tips and length of your locks. Do not apply it on your scalp or on the roots of your hair because it will lead to loss of volume and your hair will become oily quite quickly.

Use hair treatments and warm oil scalp massage. Instead of spending considerable amounts of money on various hair products, use natural ingredients to improve the health of your hair and to accelerate hair growth in a natural way. Coconut oil, argan oil, pomegranate seed oil, olive oil, rosemary oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil are great choices for natural hair growth treatments. These ingredients nourish the scalp, repair follicles and stimulate the growth of hair, while the massage will improve blood flow in the scalp and the hair will grow significantly faster.

Cope with stress. Knowing that it is a factor that triggers hair fall, you should avoid stress and sleep enough to ensure the health of your hair. Stress can also reduce the hair growth rate, hence by managing stress levels you will certainly maintain your hair beautiful and healthy.

Eat your way to a long and healthy hair. A balanced and healthy diet rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and other nutrients will ensure not only your overall health, but also the health of your hair. But since hair is made of protein, you need a lot of this nutrient to make sure your hair grows long, healthy and shiny. If you are a meat eater, you certainly consume chicken, fish, poultry and beef. But eggs contain significant amounts of proteins, while beans, nuts, leafy vegetables and legumes have proteins too, so you should not neglect them either.

Consider taking supplements for hair. Because Provillus has in its powerful composition numerous nutrients that repair follicles, balance hormone levels, improve the structure and flexibility of hair and accelerate hair growth, this dietary product will prove to be more than efficient for your hair growth.

Follow these beauty tips and you will definitely achieve your dream of having long, beautiful and healthy hair. Even if you cut your hair recently, by following these advices and taking Provillus your hair will grow long faster. Your hair will become healthier and stronger due to these beauty tips and the shine and beauty of your locks will amaze everyone around you.

Natural treatment for thinning hair

Male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness are, unfortunately, common conditions that affect men and women from all over the world. This hair problem has a significant incidence rate and is caused by a combination of hormones and genes, when the sufferers inherit a sensitivity of follicles to the hormone Dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT. Therefore by stopping the production of DHT the hair loss will be stopped too. Provillus can successfully block DHT, stop the thinning of hair and stimulate the regrowth of healthy hair in a natural and safe way.

provillus 4 img

The early signs of male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness are somehow different, but both of these hair problems manifest as thinning hair. Men experience a receding hairline and end up with a complete bald spot over the top of their scalp, while women are affected by a general thinning of hair, their hairline does not recede and they do not result in bald areas over their crown.

Regardless of their gender, any person affected by thinning hair will develop a reduced self-esteem, interpersonal problems, anxiety and even depression. Therefore following an adequate treatment to stop the hair loss becomes more than just a necessity. Provillus is a natural treatment developed to stop what causes the thinning of hair, to balance the hormone levels, to repair the follicles, nourish the scalp and encourage the regrowth of hairs over the entire crown.

What does Provillus contain?

For many years people were convinced that hair loss was related to hygiene habits and diet, but the truth is that very few cases of hair loss are caused by nutritional deficiency and poor diet, while a poor hygiene can barely cause this type of hair condition. Provillus has in its composition the nutrients required for healthy hair, compounds that nourish the follicles and improve the structure, flexibility, appearance and health of hair. This natural treatment for thinning hair has two different formulas, developed for men and for women, and it is 100% safe and secure for the health of the consumers.

Because Provillus Hair Growth Treatment has been formulated with herbal extracts, minerals, vitamins, proteins and amino acids, it stops the thinning of hair, regenerates the follicles and encourages the growth of new and healthy hair, all of these without causing adverse effects. Many people do not follow the treatment right at their early signs of thinning hair, but even if they take Provillus when the hair loss is noticeable they succeed to stop the development of male/female pattern baldness and they regain the beautiful appearance of their scalp together with their self-esteem.

If you are affected by thinning hair and you want to be consulted by a specialist, your doctor will run some tests – skin biopsy and blood tests – to determine the exact cause of your hair loss. Then he will recommend you the best treatment that will help you eliminate what causes your hair to fall. Perhaps he will allow you to choose between prescribed medicines or natural treatments like Provillus, but it is up to you what you do with your own health.

Prescribed medicines for hair loss can cause negative side effects and cause hormonal imbalances. But Provillus is recommended by doctors because it is a natural product with amazing results and zero side effects. If your hair is thinning, you can do something about it and improve the appearance and health of your hair without having hair transplants and without taking prescribed medicines.

Take Provillus, this highly effective natural treatment and you will certainly stop the development of male/female pattern baldness. Due to Provillus Hair Growth Treatment, hair loss will be stopped, hormones will be balanced, hair strands will be stronger and your scalp will look significantly fuller.

How to stop the hair fall

We all lose hair each day and this is a natural process, but when we lose more than 100 hair strands per day it may be a reason to worry. Significant hair loss can occur due to stress, hormones, genes, thyroid disease, aging or poor diet, but, thankfully, you can stop the hair fall and keep yourself from getting bald with Provillus.

provillus 3

Because both women and men can be affected by hair fall at some point in their life, Provillus Hair Growth Treatment has two different formulas, for women and for men. The treatment consists in a combination of dietary supplement and topical solution that function together to stop the hair loss from the root of the problem and to stimulate the regrowth of hair in a healthy and natural way.

If you want to determine the exact cause of your hair fall, you have to pay a visit to your doctor, who will ask you about the characteristics of your hair loss. How long your hair fall has been occurring, since when you started to notice your hair fall and how does it develop the hair loss? Is your hair noticeably falling out, is your scalp becoming more visible or do you experience a general thinning of the hair?

Your family history of hair fall is important, too, because genetics plays a major role in the development of alopecia, which is the medical term for hair fall. You have to tell your doctor if one of your relatives is affected by hair loss, because you are very likely to have it in your genes and get to suffer from hair loss like them.

In case if you pull your hair too tight or if you have had chemical treatments to your hair, such as bleaching or permanents, you have to report it to your doctor. Your hairstyle habits matter as well, because frequent use of too hot blow dryer and using too often curling iron can cause your hair fall.

The medicines you take can affect the appearance of your scalp. In case if you take medicines for depression, heart problems or arthritis, you should inform your doctor, because it may be the root cause of your hair loss.

Even your diet can have a negative impact on your hair. Because healthy hair requires proper levels of protein and iron, if you deprive your body from these nutrients, you can end up with significant hair loss that will affect your self-esteem too, not only your appearance and health.

Once these details will be shared to your doctor, if the cause of hair loss remains unclear, your doctor will run some tests to analyze your hair, to check your blood for hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism and to verify the hormone levels, because one of the most common causes of hair loss in both women and men is the male hormone called Dihydrotestosterone.

In many cases of hair loss, by treating the underlying cause of it, the problem will be fixed and hair will grow back again. But in other cases, adequate treatment is needed. Your doctor may prescribe you medicines with Finasteride or Minoxidil to stop the hair fall and to promote the regrowth of new hair, or he may recommend you to go through surgery procedures and have hair transplants.

However, the safest and healthiest method to stop the hair fall and to encourage the regrowth of hair is by taking Provillus. The dietary supplement contains the best vitamins and nutrients for hair, compounds that stop the hair loss, repair the follicles, balance the hormone levels, stop the production of Dihydrotestosterone, strengthen hairs and stimulate the regrowth of hair in a natural way and without causing negative or unwanted side effects.

Provillus topical solution has in its powerful formula Minoxidil, the only substance approved by FDA and recognized as the most potent weapon against hair loss. By using these two products as recommended, both women and men will deal with the hair fall from inside out and begin to recover the beauty and health of their hair.

If you want to stop the hair fall and return to a scalp full of hair, use Provillus Hair Growth Treatment. Thanks to Provillus, you will restore the healthy and beautiful appearance of your scalp and you will regain your self-esteem.