Contrary to popular opinion, the key to having a full head of shiny, glamorous hair is not in the brush you use or in the shampoo you apply in the shower. A recent clinical study has revealed that vitamins and nutrients form the fuel of hair growth and follicle regeneration. Among the many minerals that sustain your healthy curls and prevent baldness, zinc plays a definitive role.

Healthy properties of zinc

Zinc is a natural element that is essential for human health. It is the 24th most abundant chemical on the planet, and you can find it everywhere from the Earth’s crust to your tiny dietary supplement pills. Read on to find out five of its healthiest properties and how to get more of it on your scalp and in your mane!

Zinc revives scalp follicles

One of the many causes of hair loss is a nutrient deficiency. A lack of zinc primarily leads to a severe nutritional imbalance that affects every aspect of your health. Your nails become brittle, you suffer from skin inflammations, but most importantly your hairline recedes.

To prevent baldness, you need to add more zinc to your diet. You can get a decent amount of this mineral in foods like spinach, eggs, and oysters. However, if you want to boost hair regrowth, your best choice is to use Provillus – a natural remedy for hair loss that is packed with potent nutrients, vitamins and a significant amount of zinc.

Zinc treats alopecia areata

Hair loss is medically known as alopecia areata – a condition that affects both men and women. Although it is usually triggered by a genetic factor or intense stress, this ailment can also be the effect of not having enough zinc in your blood.

Based on Provillus reviews by taking this treatment on a daily basis, you can easily and quickly turn the tables on your zinc deficiency. This treatment for alopecia areata provides you with enough nutrients to stop hair loss and boost follicle regeneration in just a matter of weeks.

Zinc adds luster to your mane

Besides helping you maintain thick hair on your head, Provillus also adds luster to your mane. This is possible through the high amount of zinc that it contains. In combination with other vitamins, organic compounds, and herbal extracts, this mineral facilitates the production of natural oils in your hair. The result is a steady and healthy growth of thick, glamorous threads that enhance your beauty and increase your confidence.

Zinc fortifies hair roots

Follicles are the cells responsible for hair growth. The ones located on your scalp have the highest tendency to enter a dormant state once you grow old. This happens because your body does not receive enough minerals to keep them awake. With Provillus you can defy the aging process and rejuvenate the follicles by forcing them to grow thicker and healthier strands of hair from stronger and more dependent roots.

Zinc boosts hair regrowth

If your hairline has already receded to the center of your scalp and new threads refuse to grow around your temples, you need an immediate zinc infusion. The best way to get this mineral into your body is a powerful remedy for baldness like Provillus. This cure for alopecia areata reverses the hairline receding process and boosts hair regrowth in just a few weeks of daily treatment.

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